A Final Blogiversary; OR Where Molly Says Goodbye

It’s been three amazing years. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with wonderful authors, great tour companies and personal assistants while running the blog. I got to read some amazing books. Some even before they came out; which has always been a secret thrill of mine. I helped give away books, pens, shirts, prize packs, gift cards and all kinds of other things. Three wonderful years. However the time for hard decisions has come.

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Winter Holiday Round Up Introduction and Giveaways


Welcome to 2016’s extensive Winter Holiday Round Up. I’m so freaking excited for this event today. I’ve been planning it since before Halloween. I love all things winter holidays and can generally be found planning decorations and events far earlier than most. I listen to holiday music early and often. I just love the entire season from November 1 until January 31. Oddly though, I don’t like winter itself. Just all of the festivities and good cheer that come with all of the holidays in that time period. Now I get to bring that excitement to you guys in the biggest Round Up so far. It’s only the second one you say? Hush now! Don’t burst my Holly Jolly infused excitement.

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A Very Merry Un-Blogiversary Or, Where Molly Forgets To Celebrate

Another year has gone by and it went so quickly I missed my own blogiversary! But lucky for me, and you the readers, today happens to be my UN-Blogiversary! What is an un-blogiversary you ask? Why it’s any day of the year that isn’t November 1, the official Blogiversary date. That leaves plenty more dates in the year for us to celebrate.

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Happy Blog-iversary! Or, Where Molly Gets Personal

First of all I want to say a massive thank you to everyone that has been a part of this journey that started a year ago. Well, a little bit before since I had to read something for my very first post. But a year has gone by since the launch of the review site and I cannot believe how much the website has grown and the kind of support I’ve received in such a short time.

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