A Very Merry Un-Blogiversary Or, Where Molly Forgets To Celebrate

Another year has gone by and it went so quickly I missed my own blogiversary! But lucky for me, and you the readers, today happens to be my UN-Blogiversary! What is an un-blogiversary you ask? Why it’s any day of the year that isn’t November 1, the official Blogiversary date. That leaves plenty more dates in the year for us to celebrate.

Second Blogiversary Banner

Last year I was moving during the blog’s first anniversary and it’s been wild living in another country and still getting to run the review site. I’ve had to cut back my reading time, and therefore the amount of reviews I do. But it’s been no less amazing in the second year of the blog. I love when new people subscribe to the blog, or someone new starts to comment on posts. If I help one reader find a new book to enjoy, I call myself successful.

Speaking of success, one thing I introduced last year that others enjoyed was holiday round ups. I’ll be doing more of them this upcoming year. I’ll round up books with the same holiday theme and share them on the holiday they’re all about. Some of the holidays will be obvious such as the first round up, Halloween. Others may not be as obvious. Keep an eye out on my Facebook page because I’ll post to see if anyone has story suggestions that fit upcoming roundups.

Aside from the same quality reviews you’ve come to expect, and the fun book round ups, I’m planning on hosting more giveaways as well. I’m working on a big holiday one so be on the look out in the coming weeks for more details. Have something you want to give away? Want me to give away something you’ve never seen before? Drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do to give it away!

As always, I am honored by everyone that takes time out of their day to read the blog. By the authors that want me to read their book. By personal assistants, tour companies and publishers looking to get the word out about books. By readers that comment. Without all of this support, I wouldn’t be able to spend time doing what I love; reading, reviewing and loving words.

And now, a song to close this year’s blogiversary celebration!

Read and enjoy!


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