A Final Blogiversary; OR Where Molly Says Goodbye

It’s been three amazing years. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with wonderful authors, great tour companies and personal assistants while running the blog. I got to read some amazing books. Some even before they came out; which has always been a secret thrill of mine. I helped give away books, pens, shirts, prize packs, gift cards and all kinds of other things. Three wonderful years. However the time for hard decisions has come.

I’ve sat and thought about this decision for a few months now. I’ve waffled plenty of times. I’ve started writing this post only to delete it later that day. I struggled with what was the right thing to do. But I finally decided it was time to close the blog. I don’t have the motivation to keep going. Nor do I have the free time to read as much as I used to.

I will definitely still be reading since that’s not something I’ll ever give up. I will also still review the books I read since I like telling people what I like about stories and I know how helpful it is to authors. But I’ll only be reviewing on Goodreads from here on out. Feel free to follow me there. Plus I’ll still be around on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you to all of the authors, tour companies, Shanna, A.B. Winchester, Mary, Frances, the blog followers, other readers, and everyone that has been a part of the last three years. I couldn’t have gone this far without all of you.

Read and enjoy!
-Molly Lolly


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