Happy Blog-iversary! Or, Where Molly Gets Personal

First of all I want to say a massive thank you to everyone that has been a part of this journey that started a year ago. Well, a little bit before since I had to read something for my very first post. But a year has gone by since the launch of the review site and I cannot believe how much the website has grown and the kind of support I’ve received in such a short time.

First Blogiversary Banner

I’ve added four amazing people since the start and I love seeing how our opinions are the same, and when they’re different about books we like. Just proves that not every book is for every person.

I’m excited for the future for the blog because I want to continue to grow the site, share more books, and hopefully help more readers find new authors to stalk follow. I want the five us to continue to tell everyone when we find that book we didn’t expect and it becomes a new favorite, or the one we had so much hope for but it didn’t quite deliver. I really hope everyone enjoys the journey with us.

Speaking of the future, I’m sure most people know by now that I am about to be embarking on a journey as my family moves somewhere far, far away. I put a call out a few months back for authors to help me keep the blog going during this time when I won’t have computer or internet access. The outpouring of support I received had me completely awed. I was halfway booked in the first 48 hours! There aren’t enough words to describe how thankful I am to everyone that asked for promo space, offered to help, or just reached out and said good luck with the move.

So thank you. Without the support of authors, publishers, tour companies, my fellow reviewers, other bloggers, and everyone that has a hand in creating things for all of us to read and enjoy, I wouldn’t be here today, one year under my belt and looking ahead to many more years to come.

Read and enjoy!


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