Molly Reviews: The Emerald Triangle by Layla Wolfe

There is a magic about the forbidden
that makes it utterly desirable.

Father Truman Burgess: I broke my rules for her.
Brought together again after ten years when a suspicious death has gossiping tongues wagging all across town, I don’t want to believe what they’re saying about Simone Wharton. She was mine ten years ago and I crave her again now. My adulterous desire would topple me again from my throne. I’ve barely survived one scandal. Can the citizens of Cinnabar forgive another one?

Simone: Truman has matured into a fine, mysterious, devoted man. Unfortunately, he is eminently fuckable. The white collar he wears is a continuous reminder how out of my reach he is. I want to scream from the rooftops that he’s my man! But does he only belong to God?

He broke his rules for me. It’s the most delicious, sensual thing to ever happen to me.

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Oh man this was a fun story. I liked the illicit nature of Simone and Truman’s relationship. It felt far more taboo than it really was. But that underlying feeling is what made the story so much more enjoyable. My favorite line was “hand to gland combat”. I was chuckling out loud as I read it. The mystery was interesting but it wasn’t a large part of the story.
Simone was someone I enjoyed watching grow. How she got out of her bad situation and dealt with how people treated her when she moved home. She showed her strength as a person. She had a few instances of insecurity and to act a little immature. But we all have those moments and it just made her feel more real.
Truman was fascinating. From his past to his calling and his feelings for Simone. He had me wanting to know more about him right from the beginning. You could tell his feelings for Simone ran deep but he was conflicted by them. I enjoyed seeing him give in to his feeling and be with Simone in the ways he could given his situation.
The mystery storyline was good. It just wasn’t a huge part of the story. It came in as the story progressed. However it was well developed and executed. You truly didn’t know who did it until right at the end and everything was revealed. I liked how there was more than one suspect as it progressed. It kept me guessing.
We don’t get to see a two year chunk on page where some important things happen. However we do get to see Simone and Truman’s happy ending and it’s so very sweet. I enjoyed getting to see how Simone and Truman end up. Their happily ever after is perfect for them and you know they’re going to make it long term.

About Layla:
Bestselling author Layla Wolfe likes to bring you alpha males–sometimes two at a time–and the kick-ass women who love them. Her BARE BONES MC series explores the dark, disturbing life of the biker club in Arizona. Her spinoff series THE BENT ZEALOTS MC is a gritty MM saga. She is currently at work on THE ASSASSINS OF YOUTH MC, a spinoff set in Utah.

Author Contact:
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