Molly Reviews and Guest Post: Darkness Eternal by Leslie Lee Sanders (Refuge Inc. Book 5)

As above, so below, except when referring to the underground Refuge Inc. compound.

A century after an asteroid impact and merely fifteen years after a second collision that turned the world into a noxious wasteland, Cadet Connor Nichols and other Refuge facility residents are making the most of their spherical underground utopia they call home.

But when a breach threatens to poison the occupants with toxic air, Connor is forced to make life-altering decisions in an attempt to save lives and his only home. With help from best friend and training partner, Vince Moore, he’s reminded that good leadership requires responsibility.

His struggle intensifies as everything he knows about the facility, the leaders, and himself becomes twisted, distorted, and turned into the unimaginable when his efforts exposes shocking secrets that threaten their future.

*A standalone in the Refuge Inc. series

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This story was so good! It’s the first book by Ms. Sanders I’ve read before so I want to read more now. The details that went into this story were so effortless that I forgot a few times I wasn’t locked in a sphere below the surface fighting for my life. The characters were so rich and realistic I want to meet them. Vince and Connor are such an amazing team together.
I really enjoyed seeing Vince and Connor try to dance around each other and their feelings at first. Living wth those feelings that are completely against the rules and punishable in their society. I loved how they realized their feelings as things around them changed and how those changes effected how their feelings would be perceived. Their slow build to allowing their feelings, accepting their feelings and embracing them finally was wonderful.
The story arc with how things aren’t really what they seem was fascinating! I so didn’t expect some of the revelations along the way and definitely found myself shouting out “NO WAY!” at the most inopportune moments. The way everything was interconnected was so wonderfully done.
I really hope there will be more stories in this world. I want to see how Dr. Randolph redeems himself. I want to see Vince and Connor be allowed to openly express their love. And I would love to see how the life of everyone in the sphere continues as they make more discoveries. I will gladly read more stories set in this world.

Guest Post:
Connor stops by today to talk about his fears. I love his response and his take on fears in general and his specifically. Read and enjoy!
You know, when Dr. Randolph told me leadership comes with responsibility, I’d always assumed he meant the obvious. That to lead requires discipline, professionalism, and the ability to make tough decisions that benefits and protects the people you’re representing. What I wasn’t expecting was the difficultly it takes to make the right decision, when sometimes the right thing to do isn’t necessarily the best thing.

So if you asked, “Connor, what’s your biggest fear?” A month ago I would’ve said, the airborne toxins. The contaminates that surround our spherical, subterranean safe haven and makes it impossible to breathe surface air. The poisons that forced us underground, and killed my parents and millions of other asteroid impact survivors by eating them alive bit by bit from the inside.

Scary stuff, indeed.

But today, my biggest fear has nothing to do with the toxins, and has everything to do with leadership.

What if, as a leader—the position I’ve been striving for most of my life—my decisions cost innocent people their lives? How could I live with myself even if my intentions were good? What if my decisions cause me to lose the trust of those who had wholeheartedly believed in me? Important allies like Tamara, and cherished relationships like the one I’ve developed with Vince. What aches my heart is the thought that today I may lose Vince’s trust, and tomorrow I may lose everything I had built to gain it.

How can I happily exist if I can no longer peer into Vince’s striking, honey-golden eyes, or witness his heart stopping smile? And I don’t want to imagine living without his electrifying caresses.

However, when it comes to making tough decisions, I would have to weigh the possible outcomes and do my very best. With things like love and lives at stake, you wouldn’t be human if you face that kind of responsibility without trembling in your boots.

About Leslie:
After writing MM and MMF erotic romance, Leslie Lee Sanders plunged into writing deep, dark, romantic LGBT sci-fi with her post-apocalyptic and dystopian series, Refuge Inc.

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