Guest Post and Giveaway: Fuel to the Fire by Kait Gamble

Can past hurts be forgotten to make a future together?

Jaqueline Pennington once had the world at her feet, but she threw it all away for a man from the wrong side of the tracks—handsome, smart and the love of her life, Logan Forrester—only to find that she’d dropped everything for him to abandon her.

Logan wanted one thing out of life—to be with Jackie and give her the life she deserved. When that plan went to hell, he walked away and applied himself to becoming a prosperous security software engineer. A job that, years later, brings him back to Jackie.

They haven’t seen or heard from each other since that fateful night, but the chemistry that still crackles between them is too good for either one to pass up. So Jackie and Logan reach an agreement and burn off the sexual tension, getting closure during their time in St. Lucia.

But what happens to their plans when the truth about their separation comes out? Can they get over the past to build a future?

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of voyeurism.

Guest Post:
Kait stops by to tempt us with a glimpse at the Totally Five Star hotel in her story. I have to say I’m sold and would love to go! Read and enjoy!
Introducing the Totally Five Star St Lucia
Imagine yourself stretched out on white sands, sipping delicious cocktails as the breeze wafts over your sun warmed skin bringing with it the scent of exotic flowers and the sea. This can be a reality at Totally Five Star St Lucia where you will experience a scintillating blend of island life and our exclusive brand of luxury to ensure your stay will be one you never forget.

Expect to be wowed from the moment you catch a glimpse of the unique design of the hotel inside and out. Our local designers give the hotel its unique look using only locally sourced materials so your stay will be authentic from the moment you arrive.

Like our other hotels, Totally Five Star St Lucia is an all-suite resort where each has its own individual infinity pool overlooking breath taking ocean views. Or, if you prefer, you can wander along the sky trails to spend time dipping your toes in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea at one of our two private beaches.

Prepare to be spellbound for your entire stay as you enjoy world class cuisine prepared by our Michelin starred chefs whether at one of our three restaurants or from the privacy and comfort of your own suite. The dishes exemplify the best of fusion, local flair and unique techniques that make for meals that are unparalleled.

If ultimate relaxation is more your style you can drop by the onsite spa. Just drop in to make an appointment and let our highly skilled staff take your cares away. For the more adventurous we have a multitude of activities that range from diving to parasailing to exploring volcanoes and the island’s hot springs.

In a location where romance is paramount, there is no better place for an island wedding. For the more discerning couple, we can plan everything for you from which flowers to use to providing a stylist who will advise and can even provide hair, makeup and even your dream couture.

No matter what your idea of paradise, let Totally Five Star make it come true in our indomitable lavish style.

She studied the grain of the polished wood underfoot as she strolled through. Somehow the room managed to keep the feel of the island and Five Star was renowned.

Jackie’s hand was drawn to the wooden headboard to trace the intricate designs. Flowers and vines decorated the indigenous grayish-blue mahoe and while they were wonderfully carved, she could tell each leaf and petal had been lovingly etched by hand. Gossamer curtains hung over the bed and were probably more decorative than functional, but it gave the ambiance a nice touch. What took her breath away were the two enormous windows that served as walls, giving her an incredible view of the ocean and the islands. And the beautiful natural rock surrounding the pool and balcony.

It was so tempting to just conceal herself in her little sanctuary. Hiding away from the world had been her MO for far too long. Here she was in an incredible place and she was thinking of doing just that.

No more.

Besides, she had to make the most of her vacation and sulking in her room was the complete opposite. Away from home and her responsibilities for the first time in recent memory, Jackie wasn’t going to waste it.

After changing into her suit then grabbing her things, she held her head high and strode out.

The path to the pool surprised her. Jackie hadn’t expected an intricate network of suspended stone sidewalks crisscrossing through the air leading from building to building, from crag to rock face. Incredible.

Feeling like Indiana Jones, Jackie slowly walked across. Not because she was scared, but because she had to take in everything. The sights, the sounds, the smells. She wanted to score it all into her memory.

Jackie followed the arrows leading her along a series of paths suspended in the valley between two moss-covered rock faces. She couldn’t help hanging over the railing to get a look at the scenery beneath or stopping to try to see how the engineers suspended the stone. When she finally reached the poolside, the sunlight blinded her for a moment. Falling as it was toward the horizon, the sun was still brilliant compared to what had filtered into the shaded spot where she had been.

Blinking until her vision cleared, Jackie took a moment to gaze at the rippling surface of the beautifully clear pool and the sapphire ocean beyond. Lush emerald islands jutted out of the ocean in the distance, breaking up the serene surface. It certainly was a perfect location for a resort. The hotel sat poised on the mountaintop overlooking the water on one side and the rest of the island on the other. It was like being on top of the world.

Jackie might not have been running in the same circles anymore, but she did know that the Totally Five Star chain encompassed some of the most incredible hotels in the world. This one definitely not withstanding.

Inhaling the fresh sea air, she spread her towel on a sun lounger with a deft flick of her wrist. Jackie wasted no time before diving into the crystalline water. Floating weightless in the blissful coolness, she stayed under as long as she could before her Jackie almost wished she’d brought a skimpier suit so she wouldn’t get a tan line as though she’d worn a horse blanket the whole time she was in St. Lucia.

About Kait:
An inveterate traveller, Kait has set foot on three continents and has the other four on her bucket list (yes, even Antarctica). Until she can see them all, she writes romances that take readers to far flung locales, often to places she’s been or hopes to one day go. For now, she’s settled in England where she spends most of her time plotting, scribbling ideas on every available scrap of paper and trying out dialogue on her cat.

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