Review, Guest Post and Giveaway: Silver Scars by Posy Roberts

A bomb destroyed high-powered lawyer Gil Lemieux’s seemingly perfect life, and PTSD has ruled every decision since the explosion that left him scarred inside and outside. Moving home with his mom is meant to be a temporary measure, just like proofreading for a medical institution is only meant to be a stopgap. But two years after taking on the wrong court case, he’s still living in fear.

Keith Kramer might be based 1,500 miles away from Gil, but their shared work brings them together—a chance meeting that’s life-changing. Gil is drawn to Keith’s good looks and intelligence, but it’s his innate understanding that Gil is more than the scars on his skin that is truly attractive. He’s everything Gil used to be and more. It blows Gil’s mind that his attraction might be returned.

Only doubt could widen the distance between them. Keith’s hopefulness, borne out of surviving some tough challenges of his own, isn’t enough to bridge the distance alone. Gil will need to believe he has as much to offer as Keith if they’re to build a life together.

Keith and Gil are perfect for each other. They both have things to overcome on their journey for whatever normal will be for them. I loved seeing Keith and Gil fall in love quickly and then have to work to keep that feeling alive long distance. The first half of the book is amazing. I was so invested in watching Keith and Gil build their relationship. The third quarter of the book starts to drag a bit but it picks back up around 80%. However, it wasn’t as amazing and had lost some of the steam. I was so happy with how Gil faced his last fears and overcame them. The happy ending is so beautiful. I loved it! I enjoyed Frankie. He was a great character and I’d love to see him get his happy ending. Gil’s mom and Frankie are great support for Gil and help him heal so much in the two years since the explosion when he meets Keith. He’d just stagnated and couldn’t find the motivation he needed to go further. I’m kind of curious about the case that gets Gil back into law. But it’s not so vastly important that I’m left hanging.

Guest Post:
I asked Keith to stop by and tell us how he reacts when strangers react negatively to Gil’s scars. He’s so eloquent. I love how he feels about it. Read and enjoy!
I see the way people stare at him, study his scars, as though they’ve been given permission to get up close and personal to dissect his head. Something nasty and vile stirs in my belly each time it happens. Gil notices them, but then there are moments he’s oblivious too. I think those bother me the most because people stare harder, if that’s possible.

Neither of us is unfamiliar with rude people. Over that last six years, I’ve gotten my share of nosy questions about my cane… and more. It’s not as bad in this community as it was in Miami, and Gil says that same thing.

“In Arizona everyone looked, but they ignore me in Minnesota.”

His words make me wonder how bad it was in Arizona, considering all the people I still see craning their necks to get a better look or the not-so-subtle points and elbow nudges.

He’s gorgeous, scars or not. His brown eyes are liquid pools of intelligence, warmth, and insight. Sadly the gapers aren’t seeing that because their gazes are bouncing from the scars on his scalp to the ones on his chest before glancing back to the scars on his face, where their attention lingers the longest.

If the people ever notice me, I glare at them as I take Gil’s hand in my own. Let them stare because we’re two men in love instead. Let them stare when I kiss him on the mouth.

At home I kiss his scars, each one, because I want him to know the parts of himself that he loathes the most are still loveable. The days he notices the stares, I touch them, trying to undo the damage those inconsiderates have left behind, even if it’s only a whispered doubt in his mind. I want to sweep his worries away so he doesn’t try to hide underneath the armor of a hat.


About Posy:
Posy Roberts writes about romantic male love. Whether these characters are family men, drag queens, or lonely men searching for connections, they all find a home in her stories.

Posy is married to a man who makes sure she doesn’t forget to eat or sleep; her daughter, a budding author and dedicated Whovian, helps her come up with character names. When Posy’s not writing, she enjoys crafting, hiking, and singing spontaneously about the mundane, just to make normal seem more interesting.

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