Molly Reviews: Slave For Two by Morticia Knight (Soul Match Book 1)

What is destined cannot be changed.

Chris has had a monumentally bad month. First, an aggressive band of aliens invaded the Earth, conquered the world, and now he’s fighting for survival in the mountains with his family and the neighborhood bigot. Just because he’s barely out of his teens and a bit on the scrawny side doesn’t mean he can’t watch out for his mom, sisters and younger cousin. Chris keeps searching for the brighter side of things, but his humor is wearing thin. Fear can do that to a guy.

Lasar and Nary are a soul matched pair of warriors from Alashar. Lasar is Nary’s Ahna, the one who dominates him, and Nary is the Nasha, or submissive, to Lasar. Every Alasharian, regardless of orientation, needs the balance of the power exchange to exist peacefully within their lifelong soul match bond. When Lasar is awarded a war prize, he sends Nary to look over the recent arrivals.

Chris and his cousin Morgan are captured and sent to the slave cages where they discover from the other imprisoned young men that they are destined to be sex toys for alien pairs. When one of those aliens saves Chris and his cousin from being abused by the slave master, Chris hopes that the seemingly kind alien won’t be too horrible an owner.

Lasar and Nary are finally alone together with their new sex slave, ready to enjoy their reward. However, in the middle of their playtime a shocking event occurs that not only disrupts Chris’ world even more than it already has been, but also challenges everything that Lasar and Nary have always held dear. As Lasar searches for answers, he begins to question the reasons behind the Earth invasion and where his loyalties should really lie. As their Ahna, he must be the one who decides whether they will all be safer together, or apart.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes involving sounding.

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Molly Reviews: Liminality by L.C. Davis (Kingdom of Nights Book 2)

Duality is just a fact of life when you’re the hybrid offspring of a psychotic vampiress and an alpha werewolf. Remus Black is about to learn the hard way that the vampires aren’t the only ones who have designs on the hybrid prince of legend. When the Family, a legion of undead hunters who have lain dormant for years, starts killing supernaturals and targeting the people Remus loves, old bonds and new alliances are tested.

The Family is only one of the problems Remus must face now that he’s more vampire than werewolf and less human than ever before. Suppressing his wolf side was necessary in order to do what it took to save Victor’s life, but his nascent vampire nature has come at the cost of his relationship with Sebastian. Even more shocking than how easy it is to live without his humanity is the fact that he finds it restored in the arms of his destined mate’s brother.

Remus and his newfound pack are about to learn that surviving the harvest moon was nothing compared to the threat that looms with the hunter’s moon. Remus finds himself at the center of a war between the Kingdom of Night and the Kingdom of the Sun, but the battle raging in his own mind poses the greater threat. It soon becomes clear that Victor is bound to the vampiric half of his soul while Sebastian holds claim to the very wolf nature Remus must keep at bay to protect his fragile heart.

To stop the hunters and ensure the future stability of the pack, Remus will be forced to do the unthinkable and choose between Victor and Sebastian. Will his choice tear the brothers apart for good, or is his love the key to bringing them together and standing against the hunters as a united front?

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Molly Reviews: Bondage Rescue by Morticia Knight (Kiss of leather Book 3)

Kyle’s best friend Marshall resurfaces and he’s in a lot of trouble. Can the men at Kiss of Leather convince a former Dom to take on the mouthy sub?

Master Derek and his new sub Corey have signed a contract and enjoy their first scene together. The love between them is strong and Derek is as protective of his boy as ever. The only thing left that would make their world perfect would be to bring Corey’s ex-Dom and abuser to justice.

The legal firm that represents Kiss of Leather is charged with hiring a private investigator to flush out the man who orchestrated Corey’s gang rape. Stone Manning is hesitant to take the job, though. He was once wrongly accused in the death of a sub and swore never to enter a BDSM club again. But he owes attorney Glen Sharp his life after the lawyer got him acquitted.

Their meeting is disrupted when Kyle’s missing friend Marshall calls for help. Master Josh promises to help the mouthy Marshall get back on his feet under one condition—Marshall must sign a six month D/s contract as a full-time sub and prove he can fully submit to a man as well as learn to respect those around him.

Stone Manning suddenly finds himself charged with taming the brattiest sub ever. In truth, the bigger the brat, the more his heart races with excitement. Marshall promises to be just the type of challenge to inspire Stone to be a Master again. As Stone learns more about him, he sees the pain that Marshall has always tried to numb with drugs and alcohol. Stone also sees a man he could love—if he can ever reach him.

In the meantime, Stone and his investigative partner, Chuck, continue to search for Corey’s attacker. The abusive Dom appears to have gone underground. But what they don’t realize is that the closer they get to their prey, the more dangerous he becomes.

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to drug and alcohol abuse.

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