Review and Giveaway: The Island Keepers by Kristopher Quentin (Possible Spoilers)

They could hardly have been less alike.

David is striking, tanned, smooth, charismatic, blond with an ice melting smile, and possesses an unmistakable gift as a fiction writer, even at twenty-one. Wyatt looks as plain as paper, short by comparison, white as a ghost, graceless, a celebrated oil painter. He is single and he is out. David, raised a strict evangelical fundamentalist, is embarrassed by his own virginity. Both men are sent to Puffin Island and, within days of their arrival a young woman washes ashore, frozen and unresponsive after her kayak crashes against the rocks.

David and Wyatt save her life. Days later, Wyatt is charged with rape. While the authorities investigate, the woman’s nineteen year old identical twin brothers paddle their way to Puffin to teach Wyatt a lesson. Their goal, to avenge their sister.

The bond between David and Wyatt increases during island duty, and his heart struggles with the imbedded childhood dogma and lethally homophobic parents, propelling him to bond with Wyatt, but, when the inthinkable happens, Wyatt is once more left alone. Wyatt has no option but to move on because there is a lot at stake and he turns to the unlikeliest of characters to fill the void, a person who will teach him an important lesson; that love is all about choice. By making a decision, Wyatt must sacrifice a need that had been created by his past with David.

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