Guest Post, Interview and Exclusive Excerpt: Traces by Alexander Jalo

One seemingly insignificant moment sets into motion a whirlwind that would eventually suck the main character, Finnish Daniel Bremer, into its core. Daniel was planning to write a book about truth, but he didn’t expect to experience it himself in the most painful way. There is something behind the truth that eludes him. Sometimes, certain truths turn out to be too dangerous and it’s better to continue concealing that which is concealed. In the end, Daniel finds himself faced with conflicting feelings of love and guilt as a result of his own actions. And just when he decides that the truth will set him free, his life is met with tragedy.

Traces begins with Daniel having a romantic encounter with Marie Allègre in Paris and, as a result, being stalked by her jealous ex-boyfriend, Raymond Durand. As the story progresses, both Daniel and the reader are drawn deeper into Raymond’s dark world, a world that gradually becomes more complex. Daniel’s life raft comes from a surprising source in the form of CIA Agent Bruce Brock.

Traces, is an erotic thriller that delves into the world of intelligence. The story is driven by intense and intellectual solutions rather than relying on action and brutality. The objective of the book is to draw readers into a realm where they are confronted with deep and subtly developing mystical elements. Although Traces is full of hints regarding mysteries, it still manages to conceal that which is concealed. Traces might lead you to find your own special path, or you might lose track of the traces revealed if you, as a reader and tracer, are not sufficiently aware. Can you manage to resist the urge to find out?

Traces is the first book of the TML-trilogy, based on U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s warning about three great threats to freedom and democracy: the military-industrial complex, global banking and the scientific-technological elite. Although Daniel and Marie’s brief but passionate relationship takes place in the first book of the trilogy, its significance is not revealed until the final book. Some of the mysteries in Traces might seem unbelievable and, in truth, even the author was unaware of some of the strange synchronicities that eventually, in the third book, would provide a scientific explanation for these mysterious elements.

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