Molly Reviews: Lane’s by Nash Summers (Life According to Maps Book 3)

Maps doesn’t believe in growing up.

He believes in his experiments, Benji’s new driving skills, Perry’s knowledge of “adult things”, and his interstellar boyfriend, Lane.

Maps certainly doesn’t believe in graduating. And he especially doesn’t believe in his friends attending separate colleges.

Because if Maps believed in any of those things, it would mean he was growing up.

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This was such a sweet third installment of the series. I adored Maps, Lane, Benji and Perry. The  four of them are great friends but are struggling with what growing up means for all of them. Maps’ emotions came through so clearly throughout the story. I loved how he grew in this story too. How he admitted to his feelings for Lange and how his friendship with Benji has evolved and shaped who he is as an almost-adult. The tension between Benji and Perry ramps up and I ship them so hard. I shipped them from the start but you can feel the tension so much more in this story. Lane and Maps are so sweet together. You can tell they’re working hard to keep their relationship growing and develop their feelings more. The story ends with a sweet happy for now ending. I would love to see a sequel where Lane and Maps are older and more settled in life. I would love to know how Maps does in college, what he majors in, and what he does for a living as an adult. I so want to see Benji and Perry admit their feelings for each other and Benji accepts his bisexuality (a reader can dream!). I’d gladly read another book with these characters, especially as adults to see how they handle everything long term.
Four and a half

About Nash:
Nash Summers likes to write stories about broken boys who are trying to pick up the pieces of themselves.

As a lover of romance, Nash tries to dip her hand into all the colors of the rainbow. She enjoys writing short, romance shorts, and gritty, novel length stories  with characters readers love to hate.

Author Contact:


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