Molly Reviews: Textual Relations by Cate Ashwood

Evolutionary psychology professor Henry Hathaway is ready to spend his birthday the same way he does every year: a good teeth cleaning followed by lunch with his brother. But when he receives a wrong-number text confirming the details of a date, he does what any considerate person would—he goes to meet them and explain why they’ve been stood up.

Asher Wescott hadn’t expected his blind date to go well, because when do they ever? Henry shows up instead, and things are suddenly looking up. Socially awkward and attached to his routines, Henry is nevertheless one of the most charming and kind men Asher has met in a long time.

Too bad he’s not Henry’s type.

An accidental date, an impulsive kiss, and a few conflicted feelings later, can Asher get Henry to see the world—and him—in a different light?

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This was such a sweet story. I adored the premise of how Ash and Henry meet. It was such a meet cute way of getting these two guys together and I enjoyed how the scene played out. Ms. Ashwood writes such good stories you can’t help but get lost in. I truly enjoyed this story and these characters.

Henry was someone you couldn’t help but adore. He was very routine in everything he did and was comfortable with his life even if others would call it bland or boring. But I truly enjoyed watching Henry come out of his shell and open up. Ash was perfect for Henry and made Henry step out of his comfort zone while still feeling safe at the same time. Henry is so logical in how he looks at things. The scene where he asks his coworker/ex about fluidity in sexuality was so totally Henry. I was a little surprised he took so long to tell his brother about Ash. However I also understood why he did.

Ash is such a sweetheart. He leads with his heart and falls hard and fast for Henry. He was so happy and brought joy to Henry effortlessly. He goes with the flow as Henry is figuring himself out and so supportive of how Henry comes out to everyone. I would truly like to see more Ash since he’s such a good guy and a great match for Henry. While we don’t get to see anything from Ash’s point of view, you can tell he’s deep and vibrant. He comes to life in the book.

Ash and Henry are perfect for each other. They compliment each other in ways that help each of them grow in some way. Their feelings for each other grow over the course of the book and I loved seeing them fall for each other. While the overall time that passed from start to end in the story was long enough, it felt a bit rushed. They said their first “I love you”s early on. You could tell it was headed there anyway, it should have just been fleshed out slightly more. I would love to see a sequel at some point. I want more Ash and Henry. I’d love to see them a few years down the line still happy and deeply in love. Maybe when they reach a point to propose or decide to have a pet together. Or even just more of them exactly as they are but happy and in love.
Four and a half

About Cate:
Cate discovered her love for books of all kinds early on, but romance is where her heart truly lies. She is addicted to the happily ever afters and the journey the characters take to get there. Currently residing in White Rock, B.C, Cate loves living just a stone’s throw from the ocean. When she’s not writing, she can be found consuming coffee at an alarming rate while wrangling her children, her husband, and their two cats.

Author Contact:
Cate loves to hear from readers. You can contact her at or on her website If you’d like to get up-to-date information, exclusive excerpts and content, and giveaways, be sure to sign up for Cate’s Newsletter.


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