Molly Reviews, Character Interview and Giveaway: Haven’s War by Parker Williams (Safe Haven Book 2)

With Haven on an extended honeymoon with Sammy, bad guys around the world are breathing a lot easier. No one is better at permanently removing these lowlifes who target children—and the brutal murder of two teenage girls makes clear it’s past time to return to work. Haven’s first assignment back results in a new family member and a renewed sense of urgency to protect and avenge the innocent.

There is nothing ‘usual’ about the business of hunting predators, but when several of Haven’s fellow agents are killed, a pattern emerges. The hunters have become the prey, tools in a bitter vendetta for a perceived wrong.

Despite years of working alone, when the target shifts to someone unexpected, Haven calls in reinforcements—a friend to stand between the family he loves and a ruthless killer. Teamwork may be the only way to win this fight—unless it’s already too little, too late.

Haven tries to approach this as he would any other assignment. Find your enemy and make sure they suffer before you eliminate them. But when a member of his team goes off-book and ends up dead, everything changes. It’s no longer a battle.

Now it’s war.

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I love Haven and Sammy. I love Haven’s family and I love the way Haven takes care of that family. I was so happy when I heard Mr. Williams was writing a sequel to Haven’s Creed. I adored that book and wanted more have and Sammy. We definitely get that in this book and I couldn’t put it down. I was on the edge of my seat for much of the book. If you haven’t read Haven’s Creed you should. Then go ahead and read this one because you’ll want more from all of the characters.

Haven is a badass. Not for all the obvious reasons either. He proudly lets Sammy take control both in the bedroom and in many aspects of his life. He doesn’t care what others think about him if they know he defers to Sammy for most things. He takes care of his family and will quite literally do anything to ensure they’re healthy and happy. I really liked how Haven grew in this book and found out exactly what he wanted in his life with Sammy. By the end of the book you could feel his contentment; as much as he can have in the field of work he’s in and what happened in the story.

Sammy truly shows his strength in this book. He stands up for himself and he begins to work through his fears. I love how he trains with Haven and learns how to shoot a gun and fight to protect himself. Sammy is so deeply in love with Haven. You can feel his love through the whole book. Sammy will also do anything for his family which expands to include a few more in this story. By the end of the story you can see Sammy being more open around others and truly content with how things are going in his life.

Haven and Sammy are amazing together. They were deeply in love before and you know they’re going to spend forever together when the book starts. But they still work on their relationship and their bond tightens as they handle the crazy things life throws in their path. The journey they go through in this story was wonderful. The suspense of what was going on, was Haven going to handle it, who was the bad guy targeting had me reading non stop until I was finished with the book. I was shocked at some of the turns in the story but they were all valid parts of the story and made sense in the end. There’s a wonderful happily ever after at the end of the book. You know Haven and Sammy are solid and nothing’s going to come along and tear them apart. They also have exciting things ahead for them and their family. I will always want more Haven and Sammy so I’ll gladly read any sequels that come in the future.

Character Interview:
Parker sits down with Haven and Sammy. He pulls out a notecard, scans what it says, then turns to his guys.

Okay, Molly Lolly wants to ask you a question…

Haven: “Sammy won’t let me do it with anyone else anymore.”

Sammy: “I have a cock cage with your name on it. Molly is nice enough to give us a stop on the tour, so the least you can do is behave.”

Haven rolls his eyes. “I am behaving. Just not like how you want me to.”

Sammy shakes his head. “Go ahead, Parker.”

“Okay, she wants to know, “What does romance mean to you?”

Haven pulls a face. “Romance? Like candles and flowers and shit? I’m an assassin. Who has time for romance?”

Sammy huffs a sigh. “Ignore him. Well, he’s not wrong. Romance, to me, isn’t about candles and flowers or remembering anniversaries or—“

“Uh, then why did you threaten not to let me orgasm until I remembered it was our anniversary?”

Sammy ignores him and continues talking. “Romance is waiting at home, knowing that when he’s out on an assignment, he’s doing everything he can to get home to you. It’s also understanding that you own his heart, but his job requires his body and skills. It’s being there when he comes back, knowing he needs you to help keep the ugly parts of his life at bay. To take control, remind him of what’s important. Yeah, it’s easy to bring home chocolates or—“


Sammy scowls at Haven: “When we’re done, I have a feeling you’re going to be thinking about today for a good while.”

Haven pouts, and Parker tries to stifle a laugh. Sadly, it doesn’t work.

He glares at Parker. “Remember, assassin.”

“Moving on… Romance is being there for one another on a day to day basis. It’s not remembering the special occasions or even doing something special on the spur of the moment. On the worst days, it reminds you why you do it. Why you stand together and move ahead, not letting the ugly intrude on your life.”

Haven turns to Sammy. “Wow. Is that what you think romance means?”

“I do.”

Haven turns back to Parker. “Then that’s what romance means to both of us.”

“Thank you both. I’ll send this off to Molly and—uh, what are you doing?”

Haven kneels between Sammy’s legs. Sammy puts a hand atop Haven’s head as he begins unzipping his pants.

Sammy’s expression is total lust as he looks down at Haven. He casts Parker a quick glance. “You may want to leave now.”

Parker agrees and quickly rushes out the door, closing it behind him.


He glanced up at the evening sky. A haze enveloped the quarter moon, giving everything an ethereal glow. Though the night would be considered sultry, it lent itself to romance, walking hand in hand with someone you cared for, sharing whispered words, promises that might last an evening or be the foundation for a lifetime commitment. These people had no idea how quickly something like love could be ripped away, how those things said to one another would be worth less than the air you spent on saying them.

He shook his head. Now he needed to focus, not lose himself in memories of what might have been if things had been different. God, how he wished things could have been different.

The street could only be described as quaint. Small houses, each nearly identical to the next, but with a few tweaks that marked them as individual. The place he focused on had a small flowerbed, bursting with a variety of a flower he knew, but couldn’t recall the name. Tulips, maybe?

The slate gray siding, the maroon shutters on the windows, and the solar-powered pathway to the door that lit up in beautiful colors at night. The overall effect could only be described as charming. A lot of love went into making the house something special. It reminded him of what he’d lost.

He’d taken refuge in a house across from the home for six days, getting the lay of the land, taking note of the occupants’ arrival and departure schedule. Then every night, he drifted off, thinking about the place. It had been a dream of theirs, to own a little farm of their own, where no one would send them off to the corners of the world to handle problems. And for one very brief instant, they’d achieved it. But that dream had died in more ways than one. One day it was there, the next it was gone, as ephemeral as if it had never existed.

He tugged the collar of his black jacket and wished for a cool breeze. The earlier rain had sent the humidity soaring, and sweat was building up under his bulletproof vest, matting the sparse hairs. What he wouldn’t give for a tall glass of iced tea about now. He tried again, lifting the bottom of the vest up, hoping to let a little air in to cool him down, but nothing helped. He glanced at his watch. He’d need to make his move tonight. No way could he stand to be in this place any longer. The memories and wistful dreams alone threatened to drown him, but this heat had him sweating to the point where even he could smell himself. When he grabbed a coffee at the convenience store down the street while his target was out, the man behind the counter had a hand on the phone. Probably thought he was a vagrant. He sure as hell looked like one. He hadn’t showered in days, and his dark blond hair felt greasy to the touch. The beard he’d grown over the last year hadn’t seen a razor either. He looked like shit.

When he heard the hum of an engine on the quiet street, he crouched down. Though his patience had long ago come to an end, he needed to see this through. He would wait as he’d been trained, even if every fiber of his being rebelled against the idea. Still, he was an assassin, and he had a job to do.

The woman—Sarah, according facts he’d assembled—slid from the driver’s seat, her blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. She laughed at something the other occupant shouted, then opened the rear door of the van. It took several minutes for her to get set, then she stepped away as a ramp slid down to allow the man in the back to wheel out and be lowered to the ground. She bent over and kissed him, then walked to the passenger side where she took a baby from the car seat. She held the child up, and then blew a raspberry on his belly, which caused the kid to laugh and wiggle. Regret tore through him. He wished there could be another way, but two months ago he’d approached the man—Daniel Tollifson—there had been angry words exchanged, as well as the threat of police involvement. He couldn’t allow that, because there would be no one else to take down his ultimate target.

He forced himself to focus on the here and now. He needed to remain detached. Better to not let facts like these intrude on his mission—a few weeks ago, he’d gone to Daniel, begging for information. He’d been rebuffed. That wouldn’t be the case today.

If the man wouldn’t help him when he asked, then he’d have to find another way to get his message across. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a photo of a man whose smile had never wavered. Terry had been his whole world, and then had been ripped away from him in a matter of moments. All he wanted had been the name of the person responsible. Why couldn’t Daniel see he wasn’t asking for much? How would he feel if it had been his wife? Or his child?

Daniel disengaged himself from the ramp, and Sarah started to come around to the other side. It had to be now.

He’d run out of tears a lifetime ago, but again he wished he had another alternative. He didn’t. He raised the rifle and peered through the sights. The woman and baby had gotten too near the man, and he refused to hurt the innocent. Not like Terry had been. He lowered his weapon.

He waited while the two were engaged in conversation. She touched her husband’s face, then bent down to blow a raspberry on his cheek, which had them both laughing. She held out the baby to him and gestured to the chair. He frowned, shook his head, and waved her off. She laughed and stuck out her tongue, dodging the swat he attempted to lay on her ass, then strode to the house, singing something loud and only slightly off-key. Her husband yelled something about the neighbors, and she merely laughed. He could see the obvious love the two of them shared, and that made what he had to do even more difficult.

Regret tore through him. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, no longer sure who the sympathy was for.

She opened the front door, and her husband began to roll toward the house. Now would be his chance. Despite his misgivings, he had to take it. He again raised the rifle, closed one eye, and locked in on his target. The wheelchair stopped at the curb, and the man tried unsuccessfully to move it. He called out to Sarah, an edge of frustration in his voice. She laughed and took eight steps toward him when the trigger of the M24 he held in slightly trembling hands depressed, and a loud bang split the quiet suburban street. Less than a second passed before Daniel’s head exploded, blood and other materials spattering his wife and child. For a moment, she stood there, eyes wide. She gripped the baby close to her chest, and then screamed.

Before the echo died away, he had already scurried off into the night.

It wasn’t a perfect shot. He could hear Terry cursing at him, making him do it again and again until he got it right. But Terry had died, and though two years had passed, he would finally be avenged.

Daniel Tollifson had been the first, but there was no doubt he wouldn’t be the last. Though he didn’t want to kill anyone, there had to be a penalty for those who refused to help him get justice for Terry. He needed to track down and eliminate the person who’d been responsible.

No matter who had to die in the process.

About Parker:
Parker Williams believes that true love exists, but it always comes with a price. No happily ever after can ever be had without work, sweat, and tears that come with melding lives together.

Author Contact:

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