Molly Reviews: The Pack Master’s Submissive by Kellan Larkin (Ridge City Pup Pack Book 1)

“You must wait until you have your master’s permission. If you don’t, you’ll be punished.”

Alex is just an average guy trying to get laid. When he finally gets into the exclusive gay club Iris, he glimpses the mysterious Aidan, leader of a pack of dog shifters. After a kinky puppy play hook up where he’s taken rough and unprotected, Alex learns that he’s now the Omega of Aidan’s pack.

Being Omega is a dream for a submissive guy like Alex. But trouble brews when Aidan’s pack gets into a battle for territory, and when Alex learns that Aidan wants to impregnate him.

Can he step up and accept his new life?

Find out in this standalone novella with a HEA. There’s plenty of kinky BDSM puppy play sex inside, plus a hot menage scene, so enter if you dare!

“Come here, and obey your Alpha.”

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This story was a bit of a mixed bag for me. It was a short quick read but it tried to have too many things included for the length. I enjoyed Alex and how he’s realistic about his wants and needs in the bedroom. He’s not too ashamed of his desires. Aidan is intriguing but a bit of an enigma. He isn’t fully fleshed out so it’s hard to connect with him. I found the pack structure and rules for shifters fascinating. There was serious thought out into it. I enjoyed how everyone was a dog shifter. Not a wolf, not a bear, not a lion; a dog. It was unique and worked for the story. Aidan and Alex are so sexy together. Their BDSM scenes are sensual and downright hot. I loved the specific kink they partake in. I kind of wanted that explored more. The turf war plot line didn’t really work in the story. It was rushed and wasn’t fleshed out well. The fight scenes fell flat because not as much time could be spent on them. I was confused why that thread was included in the story. There was a big jump in Alex’s feelings for Aidan. He was kind of meh about Aidan and then suddenly he was desperately in love and wanted to be mates. There was mpreg included but it was rushed and seemed like an afterthought. You don’t actually get to see any part of the pregnancy. There’s a sweet happy ending but I didn’t believe the feelings because there was no build up through the story. I found Mr. Larkin’s voice interesting and I’d love to try reading a longer work by him to see how he handles more space and time to expand the story.
Three and a half

About Kellan:
Hi there! My name’s Kellan Larkin and I’m an author of M/M paranormal romance. I love writing about shifters—especially cool animals like dragons and wolves—and the problems they get into living in the human world. They always manage to find love and build strong relationships in my stories, too, with other shifters, or even humans. And of course, they’re family men, eager to become fathers and raise children.

As for me, I’m in my twenties and I enjoy exploring the city I live in—which is why the characters in my stories are always going out and doing fun things in Lake City. I love trying out new restaurants, going to museums, and enjoying all that the city has to offer. But like my shifters, I love the outdoors, too, and I’ll traverse it any way I can—hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and more.

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