Molly Reviews: From the Heart by Rory Wilde

Animal rescue. Vet tech and animal control officer. Each trying to figure out if the other is attracted to him.

Where To Buy:

This was such a cute little story. I liked Spencer and Cory. They both were clearly hiding feelings for each other. Spencer was a total sweetheart with how he cared for the pups. Cory seemed to have a soft spot for Spencer. The ending makes me hopeful they’re going to actually start a relationship. But you also only get a little bit here in this short story. I liked Ms. Wilde’s voice. I’m interested to read more of her work and look forward to see how she handles a full length novel.

About Rory:
Rory Wilde loves writing about hot guys finding true love and has been writing since she was a little kid. She also loves animals and is passionate about helping them, which is reflected in her books. Rory lives in Philadelphia with a feisty adopted cockatiel and enjoys going to museums, exploring the city, and trying new foods.


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