Molly Reviews: The Autumn Prince by Sadie Sins

Forced to cross an elf-infested forest on the worst night possible, Eaves Sheridan’s journey grows more deadly when he comes across Tiernan, the Autumn prince. Injured, drugged, and furious, the freshly rescued elf prince is determined to find out just who Eaves is and if the human is the true villain behind his abduction.

Eaves has been hiding from the fae that live in the forest around his village, knowing if his secret is discovered, they’ll kill him. With a Truthseer on the way and guards all around, his chances of escape are slim.

Tiernan is to be wed that very night and Eaves is left at a crossroads. Return to the life he was certain he only ever wanted or give into the wildness he feels every time he hears the prince’s heart beat.

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This story started off amazingly. It was a fabulous fantasy story with a well developed world. There was thought put into how things worked and the rules of the societies involved. I was falling in love with the book pretty quickly. You could tell Eaves and Tiernan were headed for romance but the buildup was amazing. I was on the fence about everyone purposefully leaving Eaves in the dark about how things worked and the reason for things happening. But it also made sense in the story why no one answered his questions. Eaves himself was very well developed and I liked how he was both strong and didn’t take crap from anyone but also was unsure and insecure about Tiernan until the end. Tiernan was a force to be reckoned with. He was a strong leader and I would have loved to see more about him and even from his point of view. Where the story lost me was the last 20% or so. It’s like the author decided there had to be sex and it had to be right then. I didn’t mind the coarse language Tiernan and the others used with Eaves. I didn’t even mind the way you tamed royal elven Magic. What I truly disliked about the last part of the story is how the fantasy element was essentially abandoned. The story just ended without any regard to the fantasy story that was painstakingly developed through the first 80% of the story that I absolutely loved. If Ms. Sins ever writes another fantasy story and sticks with the fantasy element throughout the whole book I would gladly read it and enjoy the heck out of it. She writes wonderful fantasy. I just wish she would have stuck with it through the whole story.
Three and a half

About Sadie:
Sadie Sins, at your service. I’m a tomboy writer/artist out of New England with a passion for hunky strong men, lithe pretty boys, and lots of hot dirty talk. If you’re looking for a hard edge with possessive personalities, bad attitudes, rough language, and steamy to downright filthy smut, I’m your girl. If it’s two guys (or more) getting it on, be it with the help of magic, a full moon, or just good old fashioned lube, I’ll be striving to make sure it gets as naughty as possible, with just a touch of sweet to flavor.

If you can’t tell, I have a lot of fun with my writing. I don’t take things too seriously, and I hope my readers don’t either. I think we can all use a little escape into fantasy, and I enjoy indulging in something hot and sweaty to contrast the stress of the day to day. I like rough, but not crude smut with creative twists, intense heat, and quirky characters. I’m sick of reading ‘I love you’ a million times in one story. And soul. If one of my characters is looking into someone’s soul, they’re probably a vampire about to sink their fangs in. Just saying. I’m not a soccer mom, I’m not married, and the closest thing I have to kids are my three cats. When I’m not perving out in my writing, I’m painting, sculpting, and enjoying the beauty the world has to offer. But I’m probably perving. It makes life much more fun.

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