Molly Reviews: No Right Words by TT Kove (More Than Words Book 1.5)

Sometimes it doesn’t take much, only a kind word will do.

Andreas’ sister wished she’d noticed the signs before their dad hanged himself rather than recognise them once he was gone. Andreas is pretty sure he’s seeing the same signs in Alex, a bloke he’s had his eyes on for some time.

Alex is either bullied or ignored at school. Even worse, Andreas’ best friend, Glenn, is one of the loudest bullies. He can’t stand Alex—and he makes sure everyone knows it.

But Glenn’s feelings don’t deter Andreas, especially not now, when he’s seeing signs in Alex he never saw years ago in his father. He’s not going to wait for the inevitable to happen. He’s approaching Alex—and he’s going to save his life.

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This story is meant to be a companion for a story that I haven’t read before. I wasn’t ever confused or felt like I was missing anything so it can definitely be read as a standalone should you choose to. I really liked the start of this story. You could tell Andreas had the best of intentions and pure motivations to help Alex. I loved how he stepped in and befriended Alex quickly when Alex needed it the most. But sadly it devolved pretty quickly. It became clear Andreas was more concerned about his wants. You can only expect so much communication at the age he and Alex are in this story. But a cursory request for what Alex wanted would have been nice. He even tried to tell himself he was doing everything to keep Alex “happy”. But I never really felt like it was genuine. I had hoped Andreas and Alex would show more emotion since the beginning was highly charged and full of feeling.
Three and a half

About TT:
T.T. has been writing stories for as long as she’s been able to write. She’s come a long way from the one-page a chapter serial about cats, and she’s now immersed in the world of m/m romance. She also writes all-male menages, lesbians, and perhaps even a few m/f short stories in already established series. She writes books that are only intended for adult; her stories usually have explicit sexual content, so if you’re not 18 years of age, you probably shouldn’t be here.

T.T. is a Norwegian born and bred, and contrary to popular opinion there are no polar bears wandering the streets of Norway. She has in fact never even seen a polar bear, though she wants to. T.T. does like her country, in theory, but she could do without the brutal winters and would prefer warmer, longer summers. She is currently studying for a BA in English Language and Literature, and she wish to work in publishing once she finishes her degree. The big dream would be to live by writing alone, but that dream is still a way off.

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