Molly Reviews: Lucky by Feya Branch

If Lucky gets a second chance with Tessa, it will be a miracle.
It was all a misunderstanding. Lucky, Ginger, and Martha were just doing a private dancing job for some rich guy, but things got… complicated.

Lucky thinks she has tried everything to win Tessa back, but it’s going to take the intervention of the sexy, mysterious Frida to see that there might still be a way.

Sometimes you have to look past your pride to see what your true love really needs from you.

*** sweet, hot lesbian romance with a happy ending ***

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This story was a little awkward and strange. At first I was confused because it’s listed as a lesbian romance and there wasn’t any romance until the very end of the book. There’s some seriously sensual and erotic scenes of Lucky stripping for her male customers towards the beginning of the story. The plot was confusing because it jumped back and forth from present day to the post and back again. I felt like I missed part of the story since we start part way through the events of Lucky’s life. Lucky wasn’t fleshed out completely and so I didn’t really connect with her how I would have liked. Once she gets back together with her girlfriend the story ends despite there being a handful of lingering questions left unanswered. The story is short and a quick read though.

About Feya:
Feya Branch is a collector of stories. She listens to people and half-remembers the good parts, then reassembles the tales into the fairy version. All her books are rooted in somebody’s truth, probably more interesting than her own.

She lives outside Chicago.

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