Molly Reviews and Giveaway: Louder Than Words by Siryn Sueng

Derrek is a local teacher in Clearwater, Florida. He frequents a nearby coffee shop before work every morning, where he finds himself enraptured with a young barista, Alex. But Alex never seems to notice him, even when he’s handing Derrek his morning coffee.

After weeks of hiding in his corner under the pretense of working, Derrek finally gains enough courage to ask Alex on a date. He’s crushed when all he gets for an answer is complete silence. He thinks it’s the end, until he finds out that Alex has a disability that has paralyzed his vocal cords.

Sign language is Alex’s way of communication, and it’s something that Derrek knows little to nothing about. With renewed determination, Derrek asks Alex to teach him sign language. Derrek wants to be able to talk to Alex, to tell him how he really feels, and find out if Alex feels the same.

But more than anything, he longs for a relationship that goes deeper than just words alone.

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This was a totally cute story. I adored Alex and Derrek. They came together quickly and were so good tgoether. Their feelings for each other were clear throughout the story. I enjoyed Ms. Sueng’s voice and writing style. It was light and fun but also full of emotion. I would love to read more stories by her as she writes more.

Derrek was smitten with Alex right from the start. He was adorable how he bumbled through the initial meeting. But once Derrek started spending time with Alex you could tell he didn’t want to be with anyone else. I liked how he understood Alex. Not just the learning sign language part of understanding. Truly knowing how he was feeling and trying to give Alex what he needs.

Alex was a total sweetheart. He was cautious at first with Derrek and I liked that safety space he kept. Showed he was truly getting to know Derrek and what kind of person he was. Alex was caring and giving as well and was someone that was a good friend to have. He also had a backbone and wouldn’t take anyone’s crap. By the end of the book you could tell he was content.

Together, Alex and Derrek were a lovely couple. They had an easy time getting together and starting their relationship. There was no drama or angst to speak of and I really enjoyed that in this book. They had a wonderful happy for now ending. I’d gladly read more of these two so we can see them stay together longer. But if we never see any more of these two you can be sure they’re going to work hard to make their relationship last.

Alex was gorgeous; a little shorter than myself, but not by much. He looked like he went to the gym. I found myself trying to imagine what shape his body was in underneath the black shirt and green apron. I realized I was staring when Alex looked up from the coffee machine and made eye contact. I turned away, facing my computer with an intensity that could kill; if that were at all possible. My heart pounded, face heating as I stared at the loaded document on the laptop. I’d opened the lesson plan simply to have an excuse to sit at the tall table with the outlet right next to it.

I chanced a quick glance over at the bar and watched as Alex handed the cup of coffee to one of the waiting customers with his usual smile. Damn it, that man could smile. It was cute, the way his head tilted to the side just a little as he flashed it to the young woman. For a moment, I felt a spark of jealousy and smothered it with a gulp of the searing hot latte I was clutching a little too tightly.

Today, I’ll do it.

I’d been telling myself that for the past week. God, I feel like a damned stalker. And at my age! I’m almost thirty! Where the hell had all my bravado gone? Bryant, my best friend, teased me often enough already about not being able to ask Alex on a date. The words “grow a pair” had been mentioned plenty of times. I frowned at my cup as if it were the culprit. “I have a pair, jackass,” I muttered.

About Siryn:
Siryn Sueng is an erotica M/M romance writer. Mostly she writes in the fantasy, paranormal, and even Sci-Fi genres. Louder than Words, though, is her first ever contemporary work. She’s married to her wonderful husband of 13 years, and they have two cute kittens, Anubis and Kida, who drive them crazy almost all the time. Anubis fancies himself the destroyer of the elusive red dot…

Siryn is a lover of games on a wide range of platforms. She plays on the PC, console, and hand-held devices (her 3DS currently). She also plays otome novels on her tablet. Dragon Age, the Fire Emblem series, and the Tale’s series are her favorite games. Japan is where she would love to visit sometime. She’s a huge fan of Japan, including manga and anime. Siryn loves to read, though she’s been writing more than reading as of late. And she has a deep love for dragons. She has a very large collection of dragon statues in her house.

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