Molly Reviews: You Bet Your Ass by Kay Simone

Being a loser has never been this good.

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This was a seriously sensual story. Jonah and Rich were so good together. They had an easy that came with a relationship that has lasted a long time. Their chemistry is off the charts and it was so sexy to see this scene between them. The trust between Jonah and Rich was wonderful and made the story that much more sexy. Now I want to know more about these two. I want to see how they met, how they got together, how they make it long term and some of those scenes where they trust each other and let go like they did here.

About Kay:
Amazon Bestselling Author Kay Simone has a thing for oldies, leather jackets, secret poetry, tattoos, whiskey, and every other bad boy cliché in the book.

Simone loves stories that make her laugh, think, and cry in equal measure — but only if there is a happy ending waiting on the last page. She strives to write characters who are flawed, real, and worth the time of a reader. Whether she’s writing about snowdrifts in rural Washington or the daily summer thunderheads of Florida, Simone feels that each setting is a character, too.

In her past lives, Simone was editor in chief of a newspaper, managing editor of a lit mag, a librarian, a website voodoo expert, and a cupcake baker.

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