Molly Reviews: An Arresting Ride by Lissa Kasey (Survivors Find Love Book 2)

Graham Church began career as a police officer with a case so gruesome it sent many officers into early retirement. That day he helped save the lives of children and began a long crusade of protecting the residents of Friday Harbor from the worst of humanity. But brutal car accidents and the discovery of a dog fighting ring have taken their toll on Graham. Returning to an over-crowded apartment where his room is a closet, and working sixteen-hour shifts, have left him emotionally exhausted and in need of a quiet place to call home.

Jason Wullcot is a horse breeder and a mystery to the island he lives on, but is in need of a roommate for human contact. His therapist recommends Graham Church, who also happens to have a “white knight” syndrome. When Graham discovers his new roommate was one of the children he helped save twelve-years prior, Graham’s need to protect and save kicks into high gear. Only Jason has no interest in being saved. In fact, Graham realizes that Jason may not be the one in need of saving at all, but maybe, just maybe they can fill the broken pieces of each other.

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I adored this story. I couldn’t stop reading from start to finish. I loved Graham and Jason, both together and as individuals. Together they overcame so much. Plus they fell in love so beautifully. Ms. Kasey writes wonderful stories no matter the genre she chooses to write. I truly enjoy this series and I loved seeing Officer Church get a happy ending. I’m hoping for more books because I want to revisit these characters again with more happy endings.

Jason was someone that intrigued me. My heart went out to him for his past. However you can tell quickly he’s far more stable and adjusted than you think. He does have some quirks and it’s fascinating to see his logic and reasoning process. His love for his animals comes through clearly in the story. The way he cares for them and treats them as family members is lovely. Jason blossoms in this story and it’s such a joy to watch him grow as you read. His love for Graham is slow to build but is wonderful to see how deep it goes by the end.

Graham is far more complex than I originally thought. He’s an amazing cop that clearly cares for the well being of the townspeople he protects. I loved the scenes where he’s catching up with people and checking on them. You can feel his compassion and caring. He struggled throughout the story and I loved seeing him overcome his inner demons. His reservations about starting a relationship with Jason was fascinating to see. Especially when he realized they were pretty much unfounded. However once Graham let go and let himself have feelings for Jason, he gave his whole to the relationship.

The plot line with Graham being framed was interesting. it was drawn out through the third quarter of the book and then got wrapped up quickly right at the end. I was still a little confused if the handful of incidents were related or not. I’ve got a few lingering questions about that and what’s going to happen to a few people. However if it’s not brought up again it wasn’t large enough questions to keep me from enjoying the next book.

Jason and Graham build their relationship slowly and I loved watching them go through becoming friends first. I adore them together because you can feel their love and their need for each other. They both are exactly what the other needed when they needed it. Jason and Graham are solidly together by the end of the book. Their happily ever after is wonderful and I want more of these two. I want to see Jason’s plan with mini houses come to life. I want to see Graham enjoying his life again. I want to see more Bastian and Charlie too. I’m eagerly awaiting the third book in this series because I enjoy it so much.
Four and a half

About Lissa:
Lissa Kasey is more than just romance. She specializes in depth characters, detailed world building, and twisting plots to keep you clinging to your book reader. All stories have a side of romance, emotionally messed up protagonists and feature LGBTGA spectrum characters facing real world problems no matter how fictional the story.

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