Molly Reviews, Exclusive Excerpt and Guest Post: Spark to the Heart by Havan Fellows and Lee Brazil (Hearts of Parkerburg Book 4)

As a misguided youth, Rosy loved being that kid in Parkerburg—you know the one that everybody swears will end up in jail or comatose—until one summer day on the back roads of town when two lives came to a screeching halt.

Thirteen years later, Rosy owns the local pub on Maple Street and makes a good show of how he’s recovered from tragedy. He even convinces himself…until he meets the new man in town and realizes just how okay he isn’t. With the demons of his fatal past still stalking him, Rosy has no idea how to switch from simply existing to actually living.

Angus “Jet” Manheim—famous for his smooth, sexy voice and notorious for his hard partying ways—sped through most of his adult life on stage and in the recording studio. Sober and retired to the quaint New England town of Parkerburg, Jet’s ready to slow his soundtrack…until his compelling neighbor—a grumbling, muscular mountain of a man with an odd name—ups the tempo.

Frequently absentminded, Jet finds Rosy an easy object of focus, a solid center around which Jet hopes to build a future. But retirement isn’t easy. The entertainment industry doesn’t stop knocking just because you hang a do not disturb sign.

When Rosy’s and Jet’s pasts try to harmonize with their present, they might have to decide whether the chorus is worth repeating.

The Hearts of Parkerburg stories can be read as standalones, each with a HEA…but trust me, you’ll want to read about all the sweet happenings in this quaint little town.

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I adored Rosy and Jet’s story. Finally getting to see Rosy’s story and him find love and happiness was wonderful. The way Jet fit into his story was beautiful. These two together are amazing. I adore the Hearts of Parkerburg series by two authors whose writing I enjoy both together and separately. This series continues to bring stories that grab hold of my attention and don’t let go until I’ve reached the end of the book. I can’t wait for the next book to come out. Plus I’ve got some guesses on who the next couple will be.

Jet is someone that was fascinating. he had an intriguing past that made me want to know more. He was gentle and just wanted to find happiness. I adored how he worked to find a new normal and be apart from his past life. His struggles because of his past made my heart ache. I liked when he stood up for himself and let Rosy know what he wanted out of their relationship. Jet’s sense of fashion was wonderful! He didn’t care what anyone thought and I loved how he wore what he wanted to be comfortable. The way his outfits were described from both Jet and Rosy’s point of view was lovely.

Rosy wound up being far deeper than I thought. When his full past was revealed my heart broke for him and his pain. The way he threw himself into his relationship with Jet at the beginning was sweet. But once he figured out how Jet truly factored into things he spiraled out. He acted a bit like a jerk for a little bit though I do understand why he did. It made me feel bad for Jet when Rosy had his head up his ass. But after Rosy talked with Jet and opened up you could tell Rosy was ready to truly be happy.

I love this series. I get so invested in the people in this lovely town and how they’re all doing. I enjoy getting to catch up on previous couples in each subsequent book. I desperately want more of the residents to get their own stories. I think my top three though are Mason, Brian and Bas. I want all three of these men to be happy. Mason needs it the most though there haven’t been any hints I’ve seen as to who that could be. Brian and Bas though? I’ve got some guesses about them and I can’t wait to find out if they’re right or not. Because there will be more stories in this series. I hope. And if there are, I will gladly read theme.

Rosy and Jet are wonderful together. They go through so many ups and down and I loved seeing their journey. They still have some things to overcome but they are so in love with each other. I would love to see more of them in the next book. I want to see them still happy together, maybe living together. But definitely still in love.
Four and a half

Guest Post:
I’m so excited to have Jet join us today. He’s here to talk about one of my favorite subjects and one he has a fair amount of knowledge in. What topic is that? Music of course! His list is pretty spectacular and features some classics that I love as well. I hope you take a listen to these songs, maybe even while you’re reading his story. Read and enjoy!
So Rosy says you want to know about my favorite music. I don’t usually give interviews these days, for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I don’t want to. I’m retired, and interviews are too much like work, you know?

Uh… well, anyway. I’m only doing this as a favor for Rosy. *blushes* He may have bribed me to be here, but that’s not really your business. Uh… I apologize. That was rude. Where was I? Oh yes, Rosy said you wanted to know about my favorite music. I’m pretty sure that he just didn’t want to talk about his favorite music, so he palmed this off on me.

Choosing your favorite anything is kind of challenging, don’t you think? And then limiting it to only five choices? That’s like cruel, dude. I could easily name you a hundred and ten of my favorite songs, then give you an entirely different list ten days later. Favorites tend to change with my mood.

The good thing is, while I was unpacking the other day, I found something that might help.

My Favorite Music
By Angus *Jet* Manheim
Grade 8
Mrs. Murphy
My favorite music is glam rock. It’s the coolest sound, and people like David Bowie make the music come to life.

Well, there’s no reason to read the whole thing. The gist of it is, since about the eighth grade my favorite songs have been:

  • David Bowie, Lady Stardust
  • The Kinks, Lola
  • T-Rex, Get It On
  • Mott the Hoople, All the Young Dudes
  • The Sweet, Ballroom Blitz

I may have deviated from that over the years, but they are perennial favorites. The kind of songs that speak to your soul and come back to haunt you in your waking moments. These are the kinds of songs I wanted to write when I started out. I’m not sure I ever succeeded in attaining this level of greatness, but it’s good to have goals, right?

Speaking of, it’s currently my goal to get a nap in before dinner, so I’m going to leave now. Unless you have any other questions?

Exclusive Excerpt:
“Ugh.” Jet groaned as Rosy pushed his face into the wall.

“Yeah, baby,” Rosy mumbled, running his hand down the bare back in front of him. He reached the elastic waistband and slid his finger between the fabric and Jet’s warm flesh. “Shit, I love your easy access wardrobe.”

“They’re trousers,” Jet explained.

Who the fuck cared?

All he gave a damn about was they were loose with nothing hitching them up. “Not like any trousers I’ve seen,” he countered. “They’re silk”—Rosy reached around Jet and fisted the soft rope hanging down—“and they have a drawstring.” Not to mention the crotch practically hung down to his knees and the pattern on the fabric could give a tweaker a headache.

“I’m friends with the designer. Rick Owens patterned them especially for—”

Rosy dropped to his knees, bringing Jet’s specially designed trousers with him in one quick tug.


“Remind me to send him a thank-you card.” Rosy groaned as his eyes focused on the perfect, round ass in front of him. “Damn, I must’ve been a good boy.”

About The Authors:
Lee Brazil
Somewhere in a small town in up-state New York are a librarian and a second grade teacher to whom I owe my life. That might be a touch dramatic, but it’s nevertheless one hundred percent true.

Because they taught me the joy of reading, of escaping into worlds crafted of words.

Have you ever been nine years old and sure of nothing so much as that you don’t belong? Looked at the world from behind glasses, and wondered why you don’t fit?

Someone hands you a book, and then you turn the page and see… There you are, running from Injun Joe in a dark graveyard; there you are fencing with Athos; there you are…beneath the deep blue sea- marveling at exotic creatures with Captain Nemo.

I found myself between the pages of books, and that is why I write now. It’s why I taught English and literature for so many years, and it’s why my house contains more pounds of books than furniture.

If I’d had my way, I’d have been a fencer…or a starship captain, or a lawyer, or a detective solving crimes. But instead, I am a writer, and I’ve come to realize that’s the best thing in the world to be, because as a writer, I can be all those things and more.

If I hadn’t learned to value the stories between the pages, who knows what would have happened? Certainly not college…teaching…or writing.

Havan Fellows
I annoy, love, respect, scare, seduce, hurt, anger, infatuate, frustrate, flatter, envy, amuse and tolerate everyone. I just do it better in writing thanks to a little thing called…edits.

Okay no, seriously…I’m a simpleminded person who enjoys the escape from real life through a book. I write with the group Story Orgy and hope to continue doing so for a long time. I also am privileged to be with the Pulp Friction writers, creating intermingling books in a world all our own.

Just like every other red-blooded human—I get a little bouncy when I get mail (any kind too…email, comments, private messages…you wanna do it, do it with me *winks*). So feel free to drop me a line—whether it’s on my blog, twitter, PInterest, or you track me down on FaceBook or Google +…it’s easy to catch someone who wants to be caught.

Author Contact:
Lee Brazil

Havan Fellows



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