Molly Reviews: Bright Haven by Edith Scott

David has a secret. Is Mike keeping one too?

Veterinarian David Parker and his partner veteran turned carpenter Mike Sudbrock are getting ready for their annual party. David’s twin girls, their golden retriever Bacon and all their friends and family are invited. Well, almost all their family…

Everything seems perfect until David’s estranged parents show up like Sleeping Beauty’s bad fairy. They want to reconcile the past, but is there too much bad history? It would take a miracle, or maybe a creative solution, to fix the damage. Fortunately David has some ideas. But will they work or will the past overshadow his and Mike’s happiness again?

Not only that, but the secret David is keeping will determine their entire future. Fortunately, anything is possible in Amberly!

Where To Buy:

I got this book from instaFreebie and went into it completely blind. I’d never heard of the author or the series but wanted to give it a shot. The great thing about going into a book with no expectations at all is being able to just sit back and see what happens. I wound up really enjoying this story. It’s a holiday story that’s halfway between the first and second book of a series I haven’t read. I was pleasantly surprised when I wasn’t lost or missing anything as I read. While the holidays are long gone now, it was a heartwarming story to read while it’s still frigid outside.

David was a sweetie and had clearly overcome many obstacles to be with Mike. His fear of rejection from family was palpable and had me eager to keep reading to find out what happened. His love for his children, Mike and their little family was lovely.

Mike was a solid rock. You could tell he would do anything to ensure David’s happiness. He had a quiet stoicism about him that was deeply attractive. I liked how he took care of David. That strength and support was very sexy.

I thought the final scene was very sweet. Seeing how they celebrated a quiet Christmas together and both showed what they wanted, which wound up being the same thing, was peaceful and a joy to read. You can see they’re deeply in love and will be happy together in love forever.

About Edith:
Edith Scott is an idealist who believes love conquers all, soul mates exist in many forms, and that life is always better with lots of romance.

She lives with the love of her life, her many children, and her large dog in a quiet little house on a quiet little street.

(This is a lie. No house with lots of children and a large dog is quiet. But she wouldn’t have it any other way.)

You can usually find her mainlining coffee, writing, and reading novels when she should be sleeping.

She also likes to pretend she is going to knit that sweater someday. Her family is kind enough to play along.

Happily ever afters can be real, and she wants to bring them to you, one book at a time.

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