Molly Reviews: Krane by Nicole Colville (A Knights to Remember Standalone)

Prepare to be ruined for every other man who comes after Krane

At the age of thirty-seven, local giant and semi-professional rugby player Krane Buchannan had spent his life hiding behind a tightly locked closet door with a wife as a shield and a gut full of regrets. Coming out may not have been his choice, but ending his marriage was. With an ugly divorce looming and a vindictive soon-to-be ex-wife making his life a living hell, Krane finds his once comfortable life in the small Scottish village changed forever. Unprepared and unwilling to admit the truth, Krane has some tough decisions to make

For years he’d felt dead inside, going through life but never actually living. He’d given up all hope of ever finding that one special person who would make him feel complete, but when he meets an attractive brunette with legs to die for at his brother’s BDSM club, Krane’s world is tipped upside down.

I’m going to ruin you for every other man. You’re mine. I own you.”

The heat and passion ignite instantly, scorching them both, and in the space of a few hours, Bailey became much more than a one-night stand. Every touch from Bailey was branded onto his skin, forever imprinted like the intricate ink-work covering his body, something which couldn’t be washed off or forgotten, but worn forever.

“Bailey was showing Krane how life should be.”

Coming from entirely different worlds, both struggle to overcome their worries and fear of becoming part of each other’s life, but the searing white-hot heat which builds between them with every look can’t be ignored. With hesitant steps, Krane enters the secretive world of BDSM and Bailey cautiously re-enters the world he’s tried so hard to forget since the death of his lover and Dom. The world outside the club.

“Krane screamed power. Bailey could sense it simmering across the room and filling his lungs with his alpha aroma.”

There’s a sadness which clings to Bailey, and his unwillingness to open up about the dark secrets in his past makes Krane doubt everything, but he’s had enough of giving up and is prepared to fight for what he wants, and what he wants is Bailey. He just has to convince Bailey he wants Krane in return.

Where To Buy:

I have wanted Krane and Bailey’s story since the moment I read the scene from in the club in Dominique. Both Krane and Bailey were guys you could tell had pasts that hurt but you didn’t get the full magnitude of how and why until their story. They had some major obstacles to overcome before they could be happy together. Some made my heart hurt and others had me on the edge of my seat to see what happened. One issue they faces went on longer than I thought it should.

Bailey broke my heart right from the start. He was hurting so much and barely surviving. You could tell he fell for Krane quickly though he still had things keeping him from investing his heart completely. I adored the way Bailey grew in the story and slowly came out of his grief and his shutting out the world around him. He was such a wonderful person to know when he wasn’t hiding anymore. Seeing him settled in his role with Krane and how Krane takes care of Bailey’s needs was lovely.

Krane was someone that you couldn’t tell was hurting at first. On the outside he was just going about his life as the divorce worked through the system. But once he let himself go to feel he became passionate about his life and being happy. I thought his fear of BDSM went on too long in the story. I really enjoyed the scene at the beginning where he’s asking Jacob about his actions in the club and how to handle himself. It showed that Krane was aware of how things work to some extent and that he wasn’t as knowledgable about it. But once he started being with Bailey he pushed back too hard and too long about BDSM. There’s not knowing about the life, having ideas of how it works and what “mainstream” is telling you about it, and being unsure if it’s for you. But then there’s being a bit of a jerk about it to someone you have feelings for and want to be with. When everyone you know that is in the life is telling you “dude you’re wrong”, maybe stop for a minute and actually listen to them and hear what they have to say. Once Krane figured out what was really going on and he was indeed wrong, I adored how he let himself free to want what he wanted and to have it with Bailey.

These two together are so good. I liked seeing them work out their obstacles and come together. There was a while I wasn’t sure they were going to make it. Once they did though, oh man look out! There was more sex than expected in the last quarter of the book. I skimmed a handful of scenes. However I really enjoyed the ones where Krane and Bailey were exploring new things and limits. Those were wonderful to read and so freaking sexy.

After reading this book, now I want more books. I want to see Bailey’s friend David get a happy ending, I want to see Logan find a happy ending, I and I desperately want Red and Nicholas’ story too.  Ms. Colville always writes stories where I’m pulled in to the side characters and wanting to know their story as well. I hope there will be more in this world in the future because I will read the heck out of them.
Four and a half


About Nicole:
Nicole grew bored being a supermodel genius who worked part time for NASA, and decided to take a break from helping solve the mysteries of the universe with Stephen Hawkins to write m/m romance.

She has a loving relationship with her hubby of twenty years, and has achieved a lot in her short life considering she’s only eighteen. She has fourteen dogs of all different breeds, plus twenty cats, and when she’s not tending to their every need, and solving complex math problems, she loves to sew and can be often found knitting in the garden, which she maintains all by herself with her magical green fingers.

Finding time to make all of her own clothing and master the kitchen better than Gordon Ramsey, she’s also a vegan domestic goddess and can often be found cooking up a storm bare foot in her kitchen.

Okay, so that’s not true, especially the cooking part, though I do tend to be bare foot and I swear like Gordon does while burning my latest creation — and I still think NASA will be getting in touch. Any day now!! *crosses fingers* I could sooo do that job because I’m so obviously awesome, but until they do…

I’m a full time author of M/M Romance and Erotica, and somehow I have several bestselling books under my belt. I’ve been writing for four years, and I self publish all my work under Hidden Pleasures Publishing along with my amazing team of helpers in the form my cover designer Kellie Dennis, editor Jessica McKenna, and all of my beta readers and PA’s.

I’m a wife to my beloved hubby and mother to two young girls, and I do in fact have two cats who I adore, but no dog, as the hubby put his foot down. I live in Leeds in the North of England and I love it, despite the terrible weather.

My men are all seeking what everyone is, true love mixed with passion and their own happy-ever-after full of laughter and tears.

Author Contact:
Facebook || Twitter || Amazon


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