Exclusive Excerpt: Black Light: Rocked by Livia Grant (Black Light Book 1)

They had unfinished business.She went there for closure, but he deserved his revenge. They both learned to be careful what you wish for.

When Samantha Stone hears the popular rock band Crushing Stones created by her childhood sweetheart is headlining at a new dance club nearby, she considers it fate.  She’s waited seven years to get answers. Why had he deserted her without even saying good-bye?

Jonah “Cash” Carter has scanned the throngs of fans for years looking for her.  Waiting. When he spots Sami in the crowd, he freezes mid-song.  He’d named his band for a reason, and tonight would be the night he finally got to crush a Stone.

Too many secrets.  Too much history.  Can they find their way to the truth without destroying each other?

Author’s Note: Black Light: Rocked is a steamy bad-boy rocker romance with an HEA. It is meant for mature audiences only.  It has explicit sexual situations as well as BDSM power exchange elements that may not be suitable for all readers.

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Exclusive Excerpt:
“Sam was too lethargic to follow what was happening until it was too late. She vaguely heard soft voices coming from the living room, but before she could get up to close her bedroom door, he was there. Standing in the doorway to her barren bedroom. Looking every inch like the larger-than-life persona he was.


No, Cash.

Was she awake or had she fallen back to sleep? If so, she never wanted to wake up.

He spoke from the doorway after several long seconds of awkward silence. “Can I come in?”

She said the only words she could form in the moment. “Why are you here?”

He stuffed his hands into the front pockets of his perfectly snug designer jeans, rocking self-consciously until finally admitting, “I was worried about you.”

Only after Megan pressed into the room to stand between the two old friends did Sam realize she might have a problem keeping the disaster that was Cash Carter a secret from her tight-knit group of friends.

He took a step closer and it panicked her. “Stop! I didn’t say you could come in, Cash.”

Jonah stopped cold in his tracks. Her use of his stage name surprised him.

He confirmed it by acknowledging, “I deserved that.”

“Megan finally found her voice. “You know Cash Carter and never told me? No wonder you’ll never go out with any of the guys I’ve tried to set you up with. I can’t believe you kept Cash a secret!”

Christ, she needed Megan to shut up, but then she realized how bad of an idea it was to be left alone with the rock star who’d hurt her.

She was still trying to figure out what to say when Cash turned and held his hand out to greet Megan. “Actually, I’m Jonah Carter. Nice to meet you.”

Her friend’s eyes widened with the same level of surprise as if she’d just seen an alien walk into the room. Samantha started shaking her head frantically, praying Megan would keep her big mouth shut. Sam sent her most pitiful plea, but her silent bid for confidentiality was ignored.

“Wait. Jonah. As in her Jonah?” Megan’s head tilted towards the bed while Jonah shook her hand in an unending greeting.”

Megan refused to let go of the hand of the celebrity in the room. In fact, she refused to take her eyes off him as she started putting the pieces of their complicated puzzle together.

“You bitch. At no point in your Jonah stories did you think it was important to tell me that your Jonah was actually Cash Carter?”

Cash’s growing grin pissed Samantha off.

Sam threw her ratty old stuffed bear from the bed and hit Megan upside the head, but her efforts still failed to get her friend to stop staring at the grinning musician.

“I didn’t tell you because Jonah is dead. Like I said. This is Cash.”

That wiped the smile off his face. He extricated his hand finally from Megan’s so he could lean down and pick up the wayward bear. Only as he looked at the ratty old toy did she realize it had been a mistake to throw it.

His smile was back. “You still have it? Hell, I won this for you at the county fair over ten years ago.”

She wasn’t sure why, but she lied through her teeth. “It’s a different bear. I got it after you left.”

The censoring glare he sent told her he knew damn well she’d just lied to him.

Megan put her hands on her hips, still angry at her friend for keeping such a big secret. Her reaction was exactly why Sam hadn’t told her. She knew her friend wouldn’t let this topic drop. Sam felt foolish enough already for holding on to some childish, romantic dream that could never be.

“OMG! You’re the woman. From the newspaper. You went to his concert! Without me!” Her friend was shouting.

“Keep it down. I’m not sure Jamal heard you.”

“Screw you. I can’t believe you kept something this big a secret from me. Why would you do that?”

Emotions were boiling inside her. They started to erupt. “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because I knew you’d overreact. Maybe because I don’t feel like I know Cash at all. But mostly because I went there never intending to even talk to him.”

“For what it’s worth, I’m glad I saw you in the crowd.”

Damn him. Why was he being so nice? So empathetic. So… Jonah.

“I wish I could say the same,” she countered. Seconds stretched on as she watched him struggle to find his next words.

In the silence, Megan injected. “Well I’m glad you’re here. Maybe you can figure out what’s wrong with her. She hasn’t left her bed in two days and…”

“That’s enough, Megan.” Sam cut her friend off, sending her a death stare to try to shut her up.

She got the message. “Fine, I can take the hint. I’ll leave, but…”

“NO! Don’t leave!” The only thing worse than Megan talking too much was Megan leaving her alone with Cash. “Cash was just leaving. Megan stay.”

Megan looked between the two other occupants in the room, trying to decide what to do when Jonah had the nerve to stick his hand out to her, risking another long handshake.

“It was nice to meet you, Megan. I can take it from here.”

Her friend gave her one last glance before she turned and left her alone with the very dangerous man in the room. Sam fought the urge to call out to her girlfriend up until she heard the front door close, ensuring the old friends were finally alone.

“Does everyone always do what you tell them to do?” Sam quipped.

“Everyone but you, apparently.”

“Funny. I don’t remember you asking me anything.”

He repeated his first question of the day. “Sam, can I come in?”

“You’re already in,” she retorted breathlessly.

“I liked what she said,” he said too softly as he took one step closer before stopping.

“Which part? Her excitement of being a Crushing Stones fan?”

He shook his head as he braved another step closer. “I like being your Jonah.”

About Livia:
USA Today bestselling author Livia Grant lives in Chicago with her husband and two sons… one a teenager, the other a furry rescue dog named Max. She is blessed to have traveled extensively and as much as she loves to visit places around the globe, the Midwest and its changing seasons will always be home. Livia started writing when she felt like she finally had the life experience to write a riveting story that she hopes her readers won’t be able to put down. Livia’s fans appreciate her deep character driven plots, often rooted in an ensemble cast where the friendships are as important as the romance… well, almost.

Author Contact:
Website: http://www.liviagrant.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lbgrantauthor
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8474605.Livia_Grant
Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Livia-Grant/877459968945358


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