Molly Reviews: Half Broke by A.E. Wasp (Veterans Affairs Book 0.5)

Injured in a traumatic accident, ranch boss Ethan struggles to create a new place for himself in the world he loves. Broken in more than one way by love and loss, he plans on going it alone, until he meets the new intern, Jake. Newly separated from the Army, and damaged by war, Jake has returned to the ranching life he grew up with. But he’s not that person anymore, and he’s no longer sure what he wants. Can two half-broke men help each other heal and come together to create a whole life?

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This story had serious potential. It wasn’t a bad story. But it wasn’t cohesive and the flow of the story was awkward. The first chapter was a very brief overview of past events but without any real substance to connect with the events or characters. Then it felt like a handful of scenes without much connecting them. There were some good elements in the story, but they got lost in the disconnect between them. I’d love to see this author grow because Ms. Wasp has potential to be a great author. This just isn’t the best it could be.

About A.E.:
After time spent raising children, earning several college degrees, focusing on professional and academic writing, and traveling the world with the U.S. State Department, she is returning to her first love writing.

She writes romance because it is the people we love and who love us that give our lives meaning. She writes erotica because sex is one of the many ways we as humans connect to each other. She writes fantasy and paranormal fiction because inviting myth and fantasy into our worlds allows us to experience life more fully.

She invites readers into her characters’ lives at a time when they are their most vulnerable, their most human. We connect with these characters and share their hopes and fears because they are ours, too.

Born on Long Island, NY, Amy has lived in Los Angeles, London, Bangkok, and currently in Fort Collins, Colorado, where she hopes to stay.

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