Molly Reviews: Switch by L.M. Langley

Greg is worried about his best friend Kyle. Kyle’s life seems to be spiraling out of control. Greg doesn’t mind picking up the pieces, but his normally smart, ambitious and good-looking friend seems more distracted than usual after his last break-up. And he’s starting to get annoyed at Greg trying to lend him a hand.

What Greg doesn’t realize is that Kyle is keeping something from him… and it could change both of their lives forever.

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This was a fun little story. You  get dropped in after Greg and Kyle have been friends for a while. But you can tell they have a solid friendship. Greg and Kyle are both a little clueless and it’s kind of sweet how they both don’t realize what’s happening. The ending is a wonderful happy for now. Greg and Kyle are definitely going to be starting something and there’s serious chemistry between these two. I like Ms. Langley’s voice in this story and I’m hoping to read more by her in the future. I’d love a sequel to this so we can see more of Greg and Kyle. I want to know if they make it and how they handle going from friends to more.

About L.M.:
LM Langley is a writer and editor located in Gainesville, Florida. She writes LGBT+ fiction and M/M Romance.

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