Winter Holiday Round Up: Kiss Me At Kwanzaa by L.L. Bucknor

Coworkers and cubicle mates, Ishmael “Ish” Cutter and Adan Flores might come from different backgrounds but they have a good number of things in common. The biggest one? They each have a secret crush on the other. This holiday season they are both single for the first time in thirteen months. No boyfriends or clingy ex issues – maybe it’s time for Adan to make his move? He formulates the perfect plan and invites Ish over for his family’s Kwanzaa feast…but will he have the courage to make the first move or will this holiday season be one to forget?

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About L.L.:
Born and raised on planet Earth, LL Bucknor is a reader first, writer second. She’s a work in progress.

Not a huge fan of talking about herself, let’s leave it at she likes short walks to the nearest comfortable surface, watching television, drinking coffee and figuring out how to work chocolate into some part of her day.

And she likes reading and writing about men loving men.

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