Winter Holiday Round Up: Christmas Eve at the Purple Owl Cafe by Cora Buhlert

After a massive row with her parents over intolerable relatives, Katie finds herself all alone for the holidays. So she heads for the one place in town where everyone is welcome on Christmas Eve, the legendary Purple Owl Café.

The Purple Owl Café has a chequered sixty-year history. These days it’s not just a place for good music and conversation, it also happens to be a lesbian bar.

Katie doesn’t mind, though so far her life was too busy for romance of any kind. But that’s about to change when Katie meets Jess at the Christmas Eve party at the Purple Owl Café…

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About Cora:
Born on April 18, 1973, in Bremen, Germany, where she still lives today, she graduated from the University of Bremen with an MA degree in English.

She writes short stories, non-fiction and poetry in English and occasionally in German

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