Molly Lolly Reviews: Two for the Road by Karen Mercury (Hells Delight: Unbridled Book 1)

What happens when two Doms clash, each one trying to get the upper hand?

Balthazar: The serene life on the range at Hardscrabble Ranch came to a sudden end when my sister vanished. I switched from being a rough and ready cow boss to a sleazy detective in the Hell’s Delight underbelly, putting clues together to find her.
Why did I let that lean, mean fireman Oly partner up with me? He stands for everything I crave and everything I fear.

Olin: I’ve lived a closeted life in Northern California until returning to Hell’s Delight. I want to dominate that sinewy cowboy Balt, to force him to comply with me in nasty and wicked scenes. I’m backed up against a wall when I find out Balt wants the same dirty things—to dominate and control.

The serial killer trail is growing hot. There’s no time for childish battles.

Never give the devil a ride. He’ll always want the reins.

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This was such a fun, over the top story. You get sucked into the mystery and trying to figure out who did it and why. But you also get a crazy ride with Oly and Balt. The way they battle, almost physically at times, for dominance in bed is so dang sexy. Plus the tension between them on page steamed up my Kindle. By far my favorite line though was a very quick reference to a book I read way back in college. If you don’t know about the book or aren’t paying attention, the reference can pass you by. But I adored seeing the line about Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
Balt was someone you sympathized with right away. He didn’t care too much what people thought of him but was also cautious of others before finding out if they were worth knowing. He seemed to be levelheaded most of the time but of course that went out the window when it came to his missing sister.
Oly was fascinating. He struggled with what dominance meant to him and how it affected his relationship with Balt. Oly and his quirks was a good fit for Balt. He had a protector instinct that I liked seeing and it seemed Balt liked it too.
The mystery was really well done. You go through not knowing who was behind all of the murders. Plus there’s hints along the way that make you think it’s one person while maybe being another. The way it’s threaded throughout the entire book had me on the edge of my seat. I enjoyed how all of it was wrapped up and how the person was found out.
Balt and Oly’s relationship was a little quick. They were in love quickly and didn’t feel genuine at first. By the epilogue I could tell they were seriously going to make it. They were so good together. I would have loved more on page time for these two to build their relationship more. However I liked how the story worked so I don’t want it changed at all. I’d enjoy the heck out of a sequel for these two. Maybe see how they handle life long term and how they raise Orson and Scruffy.

About Karen:
Karen lives near Napa, California where she shoots archery, collects minerals, plays with her not-so-little Newfoundland pup, and writes smexy romance novels.

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