Interview: Going All In by Kristine Cayne (Men of Boyzville Book 1)

Life has been tough on Harry Cooper. Rejected by his best friend, abandoned by his family, Harry spurns relationships, settling instead for backroom hookups and one-night stands. Out and proud, he scrapes by selling drinks in gold lamé trunks while struggling to make a name for himself as a musician. Desperate for a change, he and his roommate take a trip to Vegas, where Harry finds himself getting more than he’d bet on.

Fragrance chemist Ashton Montgomery is the man behind the Ashton George line of perfumes and colognes. He is also a gay man hiding behind the façade of one of New York City’s most eligible straight bachelors. After a failed paternity suit against him, he sneaks off to Vegas to celebrate his freedom. But is he really free, or is he locked into the future his parents have mapped out for him—CEO to the family business and married to a society woman of their choosing?

A chance meeting at a rock concert in Sin City catapults Harry and Ashton into an adventure where each man comes head to head with what he fears most. Can they learn to trust each other as a couple, or is undeniable lust all they have? When all the cards are on the table, they each must decide whether to fold or go all in.

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Kristine: Hello Molly! It’s a pleasure to visit your blog today. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to chat with you and celebrate the launch of Going All In, the first book in my brand new Men of Boyzville m/m romance series.

Men of Boyzville is a spin-off series from my Six-Alarm Sexy series. It’s definitely not necessary to read it first, but if you want to know more about some of the characters you meet in Going All In, check it out. 🙂
Molly: What music, if any do you listen to when you write?
Kirstine: When actively writing, I don’t usually listen to anything. During this phase, I’m doing my best to get deep into my characters’ heads, and music becomes a distraction, especially when a song I love plays. However, when I’m editing, I have a playlist of pop and rock songs that I enjoy.

Occasionally, when I’m writing, if I’m trying to get into a particular mood, I will play certain songs. For example, I wrote a book in which the villain was a stalker. I had a playlist full of stalkerish songs that I listened to whenever I was writing from the villain’s point of view.
Molly: Are you a full time writer, or part time writer?
Kristine: I am a full-time writing with a part-time job. I am a partner in a business that provides services to self-publishing authors.
Molly: What was the transition like between part time and full time writer?
Kristine: The transition from part-time to full-time author occurred when I was laid off from my job of about 15 years in the telecom industry. To be honest, it was a huge relief. I could finally spend as much time as I liked on writing and writing-related tasks. I say writing-related tasks because the truth is that actually writing is only part of a writer’s job. If you are a self-published author, there are so many other tasks to be done (including editing, promoting, formatting, etc.)
Molly: Do you have a word count per day you try to hit?
Kristine: I wish I were one of those authors who can write 10K words a day. Truth is, a great writing day for me is one where I write 3K words. I write about 1100 words per hour and I need to stop every hour to stretch and refresh my ideas. This year, I’m trying to write five days a week and my goal is about 2K each of those days (although I average more than that).
Molly: When you finish writing a book, how long before you begin writing the next one?
Kristine: I would like to be able to finish one book and immediately roll into the next one. What usually happens is that the craziness of preparing for a release takes my mind captive for at least a few weeks. I did sign up for Nanowrimo this year, hoping it would help me bridge that gap, but so far, no luck. Release madness and family issues have kept me incredibly busy. That being said, I will begin working on the second book in the Men of Boyzville series very soon. Plotting for that book is already done!

If you or your readers have more questions for me, feel free to ask. I love talking about books and writing.


Harry Cooper burst through the door of his room at the Hard Rock Hotel. It closed behind him with a dramatic clang. “Girl, you will not believe—”

Spotting his best friend Melissa Kincaid half-asleep in a pile of pillows on the massive bed they’d had to share to get the special “Getaway to Vegas” deal, he gasped and slapped her boxer-clad ass. “Seriously? We’re in Sin City, and all you can do is sleep?”

“Yeah, yeah,” she muttered, rubbing her butt cheek as she sat up. “Did you get tickets to something good?”

“Yes.” He sucked in a deep breath. “You won’t fucking believe—oh my God.” He waved a hand in front of his face.

Melissa rolled her eyes. “Please tell me this isn’t another Madonna drag-show revival thing. I had enough of that last year.”

Harry scowled indignantly. That show in Portland had been a blast. But no. “This is a million times better.”

“Better than Madonna? Well, in that case…” She rolled her hand in a go-on motion.

Harry sighed. Melissa just wasn’t in the spirit of their holiday. Her boyfriend of two years had broken up with her right after Christmas, announcing that he was going to London to complete his Ph.D. She’d begged him to continue their relationship long distance, but he’d been adamant. This was going to be a new chapter in his life, and one he’d be writing alone. Yeah. Dick, much?

But that was exactly why they’d left soggy Seattle to come to Vegas. To soak up the sun and the booze and forget about the fact that Valentine’s Day had just passed, and they were both hopelessly single.

“Come on, sweetie,” he coaxed. “Try to guess.”

“Okay, okay.” She shifted around on the bed, adjusting her T-shirt, which had slipped off her shoulder. She was just so cute with her big green eyes and auburn, shoulder-length curls. If he weren’t gay, she’d be the girl for him.

She tapped a long nail against her chin. “Celine?”

Barely able to keep from blurting out his secret, he pressed his lips tightly together and shook his head.

“Cirque du Soleil?”

“No, but that would have been awesome.”

“Hmm.” She shoved off the bed and pushed aside the curtain, probably so she could see the show billboards out on the strip. Cheater.

She glanced at him over her shoulder, her eyes wide and hopeful. “Phantom? I’ve always wanted to see that.”

He laughed. “You know Gerard Butler isn’t in the play, right?”

“I can pretend.” She shot him a sassy smile.

“This is better anyway.”

“Nothing is better than Gerry as the Phantom.”

He sashayed across the room and got in her face, grinning like a loon. “This is way better. Guess again.”

Her gaze returned to the strip. When she spotted the sign, he heard the hitch in her breath. She whipped around and grabbed his shoulders. “The Red Hot Chili Peppers?”


He said it much louder than he’d intended. Okay, he’d shouted, but could you blame him? They were going to see the freaking Red Hot Chili Peppers, and he’d get to hear Flea, the best bassist in the world, live!

“Oh my God. Are you serious? Those tickets have to cost more than our whole trip.”

He shot her a wink. “I may have done some wheeling and dealing with the concierge.”

Her eyes swept over him and narrowed. “Please tell me no sexual favors were exchanged in this transaction.”

Shooting out his hip, he slapped a hand to his chest. “Moi? I’ll have you know, Miss Melissa, I do have other talents.”

Waving her hands in front of her face, she ducked her head. “I really, really don’t want to know.”

About Kristine:
Kristine Cayne’s books have won numerous awards and acclaim. Her first book, Deadly Obsession, was an RT Book Reviews Top Pick and won Best Romance in the 2012 eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards. Her second book, Deadly Addiction, won two awards at the 2014 eFestival of Words and 1st place in the INDIE Awards, Romantic Suspense Category (a division of Chanticleer Book Reviews Blue Ribbon Writing Contests).

Her book Under His Command won Best BDSM Romance at the 2012 Sizzling Awards and was a finalist in the 2013 eFestival of Words and 2013 RONE (Reward of Novel Excellence) Awards, and her book Everything Bared was a finalist in the Erotic category of the I Heart Indie awards.

Going All In is Kristine’s second gay romance.

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