Molly Reviews: Mission Most Mysterious by Hannah Walker (Avanti Chronicles Book 4.5)

The Avanti are bored.
On a rare and treasured break from all the chaos, Bray decides to embark on a mission most mysterious. Tate has always been known for the practical jokes he plays on his teammates and friends. It’s time for some revenge. This time, the tables are turned and Tate doesn’t know what’s about to hit him.
Faced with confronting his worst fears, Tate struggles to make sense of the odd happenings around him. He swears not only are there ghosts in the palace, but they are out to get him.
Revenge is sweet, but the Avanti know that if Tate figures out what they are up to, there will be hell to pay. Still, watching him get a taste of his own medicine makes the risks worthwhile.
With his sanity on the line, Tate battles with everything in him to combat Bray’s mission most mysterious.

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I adored this story. Watching Bray enlist everyone’s help with revenge on Tate was so much fun. I felt a little bad for Tate, but I agree with Dariux he kind of deserves it. Bray has such a great mind I loved getting to see what he comes up with. It was fun how everyone got involved in some way to make the practical jokes all the more plausible and hysterical. It’s always fun getting to see many of the couples again and how they’re handling the growing tension in Landran. Plus we get some development on the relationship Hunter and Bray are building with their mates. While you don’t really have to read all of the previous books to enjoy this one, you should so you can get a better understanding of what’s going on. I can’t wait for more in the series and to see what happens next.
Four and a half

About Hannah:
Hannah Walker is a full-time mum to two gorgeous teenage sons, and shares her home with them and a very supportive husband, who has always encouraged her to follow her dreams.She has always loved books from her childhood years reading alongside her father. She has inherited her father’s love of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. She has combined this with her love of MM romance to write her series Avanti Chronicles. She loves writing about a complex world where the men love and live hard. Welcome to the world of MM Sci-fi.

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