Molly Reviews: Twinks in Bearland by Kendall Morgan

The friends of pretty blue-eyed Dustin Garber are about to find out that he has a secret. He loves bears, big hairy gay men. None of them know it, but he’s just booked them all into the annual Gay Bear Ski week.

Craig, beautiful, black and Jewish, is initially indifferent to the fact that he is spending a week with big hairy men. He already has a hook up planned of his own, although that man turns out to have a bizarre secret.

Patrick and Ethan, two bear-hating twinks who have been secretly in love with each other for years, take much longer to come around to the idea that bears can be good guys too. Dustin isn’t so sure his friendship with them will survive the trip.

And then Dustin meets Nate, a big blond bear who is forever single but ready for something a little different. Nate’s friends, Casey and Ryland, are fighting about Ryland’s porn career. Nate’s friend Gil is busy with a Canadian couple, but together Dustin and Nate get lost on a backcountry trail. Deep in the snow away from everyone they may just find the love they’ve been seeking and the understanding they didn’t know they needed.

Twinks in Bearland is the first book in the Bearland Tales series, but each book can stand alone. This gay contemporary love story includes graphic sex and is intended for adults only.

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This was a fun and cute story that shows a bunch of guys and their holiday romances. I liked getting to see so many of the guys’ points of view. Getting a look at how each guy was thinking and feeling made it so I connected with the story more. The sex throughout is definitely steamy and hot. All of the characters are open about their relationships and have sex with multiple partners. It’s done really well, but if that’s not your thing I’d give this book a pass. However I liked how it was written here.
I liked Dustin. You can tell he’s looking for love or at the very least a deep connection. The way he got all of his friends to Gay Bear Ski Weekend was all kinds of fun. Casey hurt my heart. You can tell he’s not happy with how things are going with Riley. I liked Craig with Danny. Those two are cute together. Danny has himself together. I was a little surprised Craig left Danny so quickly after the sex was done. I liked how Nate and Dustin really connected and still had time to have fun. I also liked when Dustin finally stand up to Ethan. I wasn’t a fan of how Ethan was portrayed. He came off bitter and mean but I do think there’s some reasoning behind his attitude.
I really enjoyed the ending. It was a fun little look ahead for all the guys. Craig and Ryland’s ending was my favorite. Overall this is a fun and light read that I enjoyed.

When I turned I was eye to eye with a man about my height but with a far broader chest and a noticeable belly. He held up his bottle of beer. Damn. He was good-looking, and most likely about ten years older than me. Short cropped, dark, curly hair. Dark brown skin. Sparkling brown eyes. Dark mustache and goatee accentuating a beautiful mouth with full lips. A blocky build and arms a lumberjack would envy.

“Is that dude causing you trouble?” he asked, motioning toward Patrick, who was scurrying to join Ethan and Craig at a nearby table.

“Not anymore,” I said.

“My name’s Ryland,” he said as he raised his beer bottle to his lips, the lips I wanted to kiss.

“I’m Dustin.” I shook his hand, feeling his strong grip and soft skin. I could feel my dick start to stir. I wondered if he was feeling something, too.

About Kendall:
I started writing gay male erotic romance stories in the early ’90s, but only gay male porn magazines would publish them. I’m so glad things have gotten more respectable and the readership more broad. I am a lesbian in an interracial same-sex marriage, and I love writing interracial romance stories. I love flipping stereotypes and challenging myself to write characters that are ever further from who I am. I hope you enjoy my stories. I certainly love writing them.

Author Contact:
Twitter: @KendallAuthor
Amazon Author Page:

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