Molly Reviews: Tracefinder: Changes by Kaje Harper (Tracefinder Book 2)

Brian can Find a lost child or a wanted criminal, but when his secret gets out, even Nick’s skills and connections may not be enough to keep them safe.

Brian Kerr is now free of his dangerous boss and his domineering brother. He’s eager to start using his psychic Finding talent to help people, if he can figure out how to do that safely. His dyslexia, and his tendency to act simpleminded under stress, make building his new life a daunting challenge. And while his not-quite-boyfriend, Nick, is willing to support him, in bed and out of it, Brian doesn’t want to lean on Nick. If their relationship is going anywhere, he has to be a full partner and handle his own problems.

Nick Rugo’s walking a tightrope instead of settling into the ordinary cop’s life he’d hoped for. He’s hiding too many things from too many people. He has told professional and unprofessional lies that will come back to haunt him. Now, with Brian determined to start Finding again, he’s not sure he can protect the man he cares for. If all that wasn’t enough to make him start punching walls, he also has a suspicion that Brian’s brother Damon and sister Lori may be out there, lurking, ready to complicate their lives.

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Oh my word. This book was so good. I loved getting to see Nick and Brian again. Brian and Nick’s relationship grew so much in this story. I adored seeing them get what they wanted in the end. Both men dealt with so many issues over the course of the book. There were times I wasn’t sure they were going to make it out together.
Brian is still a beautiful character. His insecurities continue to plague him but he handles them so well with the help from Nick and Dr. Murphy. They built him up and showed him he’s worthy and isn’t the monster he thinks he is. Seeing Brian finally believe in himself and safe in his feelings for Nick was wonderful. My heart hurt for him and having to deal with something new to overcome. But he leans on Nick and those around him. You can tell he’s still going to struggle from time to time. But he’s going to thrive where he’s at when the story ends.
Nick was such a powerful character here. He had the most growing to do and not all of it was for the better. However he made some difficult choices and he’s happy with the outcome. Seeing him deal with more losses than I thought he could handle was hard to read. Nick handled everything thrown his way far better than most people could. But it proved how strong a person he is. I honestly thought Nick was going to break a few times. I’m really glad Charlie was there to help keep Nick sane-ish.
The love between Nick and Brian is so wonderful to see grow and blossom on page. They are amazing together. Their love came shining through on the page and I really liked seeing them find time to fall in love despite all of the intense things happening around them. Their happy ending is so sweet. They still have a few obstacles left to overcome but you can tell they’re going to do everything in their power to stay together. I love that they’re able to find exactly what they want together. There are some storyline arcs I would like to see explored further and possibly wrapped up more. I would absolutely adore a story for Damon and one for Charlie as well. These two guys have more story to tell and I want to read them. However Nick and Brian are happy together and that’s exciting.
Four and a half

About Kaje:
I live in Minnesota, where the two seasons are Snow-removal and Road-repair, the mosquito is the state bird, and where sometimes in winter it can be breathtakingly beautiful. Of course, the deepfreeze chill contributes to the breath-taking, but Minnesota’s a kindly, quiet place and it’s home to me now. I’ve been writing for far longer than I care to admit (*whispers – forty years*), mostly for my own entertainment, and currently am focused on M/M romance (with added mystery, fantasy, history, SciFi…) I also have a few Young Adult stories released under the pen name Kira Harp.

My first professionally published book, Life Lessons, came out from MLR Press in May 2011. My husband finally convinced me that after all that time writing, I really should submitsomething, somewhere. I was thrilled when it was accepted. I have a weakness for closeted cops with honest hearts, and teachers who speak their minds, and I had fun writing the four novels and three freebie short stories in the series. I’ve been just delighted by the reception Mac and Tony have received.

My first free book became the first story that I actually released – I put it up a month beforeLife Lessons just for the fun of getting it out there. Lies and Consequences began as a reaction to the November 2010 election. It looked like the repeal of DADT might be derailed by the political shift and I put the insanity of that law into the book. Then as I was finishing the first draft in mid-December the repeal passed. Which was great, but prompted a rewrite to a lighter and more action/romance book. This was a solo effort and I learned a lot from writing and releasing it and from the reviews. Check Smashwords for that one and many of my other freebies.

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