Molly Reviews and Giveaway: Civil War and Broken Hearts by Julie Lynn Hayes (Rose and Thorne Book 2)

Hollywood comes to Roanoke when a major film studio announces they’re shooting part of their Civil War film at a local plantation. Vinnie is dismayed to discover that the lead actress is none other than the beautiful and popular Caroline St. Clair. Ethan and Vinnie made her acquaintance in LA the previous Halloween, while undercover, and Vinnie still hates her for hitting on his man.  Ethan reassures his partner that Roanoke is big enough for all of them to co-exist without running into one another.

But Fate has it in for Vinnie and Ethan, and they find themselves assigned to a new case involving the actress. Apparently she requested Ethan specifically, to Vinnie’s dismay. But he doesn’t have a choice, he has to play nice. It’s small consolation to Vinnie that his new undercover identity involves Hollywood heartthrob Troy McGarrett, who is very handsome and openly gay. Troy isn’t shy about letting Vinnie know he finds him attractive.

Jealousy abounds in the second book of the Rose and Thorne series, and time is not on Vinnie and Ethan’s side. If they don’t solve the case before the film shoot is done, there’s a good chance they’ll be separated for the first time since they were partnered.  Assuming Vinnie doesn’t kill Caroline St. Clair himself.

The author is donating 10% of the royalties from this book to No Kid Hungry. Visit for more information about this organization.

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I really enjoyed seeing Vinnie and Ethan again in the second book in their series. They’re still so in love with each other and I adored seeing them work through some of their insecurities. Despite being together five years they can still have those moments where you think you’re not what the other needs or good enough for them. The way both Vinnie and Ethan handles that was a joy to see.
Vinnie was so much more mature in this book and I liked how he handled himself. The way he kept reassuring Ethan was perfect. You could tell his dislike for Ms. St. Clair was deep and well founded. He became great friends to those around him just like he always does. His attempts at match making were wonderful. I’m hoping it sticks and those two find happiness together. I adored how Vinnie showed how much he cares for Ethan with his actions. He was constantly concerned for Ethan’s safety or making sure Ethan was taking care of himself. It showed the kind of person Vinnie was and how he cares for those around him more than himself.
I was surprised by some of Ethan’s actions in this story. he was still very loving and worshipped Vinnie like before. That level of devotion is all kinds of sexy. But he also lost focus of his job and was more concerned with calming Vinnie, usually when he didn’t have to, than doing his undercover job. It was at odds from the way he acted in the first book. You kind of get the sense there’s more going on with Ethan than what we see on the surface. With the story being from Vinnie’s point of view though, we may not find out until Ethan says something or Vinnie finds out otherwise.
I really liked the addition of some new characters that Vinnie and Ethan become friends with. You can tell they’re going to be great guys and fun for Vinnie and Ethan to spend time with. I can’t wait to see what the four of them get up to in the next book. The sneak peek of the third book in the series at the end of this book has me wanting to read it immediately. I can’t wait to see more Vinnie and Ethan’s backgrounds and learn more about them.

“Hey, Vin, did you see who’s in town?”

I was slumped at the kitchen table, my head cradled on top of my arms. I was grumpy and sleepy—and maybe a few of the other Seven Dwarves—and I needed my first cup of morning coffee before I could even consider being slightly civil.

We’d spent most of last night sitting in our car, in the goddamn middle of nowhere, staring at nothing, assigned to a fruitless surveillance in a small town about an hour from Roanoke. As it turned out, all the real action was in a different small town in the complete opposite direction from where we waited, because our so-called informant couldn’t spell the name of the place correctly.  What a difference one letter makes. So we’d ended up completely wasting our time, got lost trying to find the rest of the task force at the end of the night, almost got hit by a deer that came out of nowhere and took a sudden shine to our car, and then suffered the indignity on our return of being asked where the hell we’d been all night—and we still needed to do the paperwork. And now Ethan wanted to play Twenty Questions?

“Don’t know and don’t care,” I mumbled.

I heard him slap something down on the table. I forced one eye open, just in time to see him sashay toward the coffeemaker. Okay, for that ass, I’d open the other one too. I watched as he poured the blessed elixir into two mugs, added the appropriate amount of creamer and sugar to each, then returned to where I still watched him and set one in front of me.

Right next to the morning paper. Real subtle, Ethan.

About Julie:
Julie Lynn Hayes first began publishing short stories and poetry in the 1990’s, when it was a different ballgame altogether, and Ebooks hadn’t been dreamed of yet. That changed in 2010 with the acceptance of her first romance novel. She’s come a long way since that first book appeared, and is finding the journey a very educational one.

She lives in St. Louis with her daughter Sarah and her cat Ramesses. She often writes of two men finding true love and happiness in one another’s arms, and is a great believer in the happily ever after. She likes to write in different genres, to stretch herself in order to see what is possible. Her great challenge is to be told something can’t be done—she feels compelled to do it.

When she isn’t writing, she enjoys crafts, such as crocheting and cross stitch,  needlepoint and knitting, and she loves to cook, spending time watching the Food Network. Her favorite chef is Geoffrey Zakarian. Her family thinks she’s a bit off, but she doesn’t mind. Marching to the beat of one’s own drummer is a good thing, after all. Her published works can be found at Dreamspinner Press, eXtasy Books, and Wayward Ink Press.

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