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I’m so excited to be a part of Jessie G’s 13 Months 13 Scenes. There have been some fabulous scenes before and you can find links to them at the bottom. But do not skip this scene. You get an exclusive sneak peek at three characters that I am dying for their own book. Please note this scene gets really steamy really fast. I suggest if you aren’t wanting to see sex between these three men then don’t continue. If you’re comfortable reading four flame contentWithout further ado, I give you Jessie, Clay and his boys!

When the moon hits your eye…that’s amore! By Jessie G

One of the questions I get asked the most is if there’s been/will be a book about Ty & Chase’s best friends. The truth is, Clay and his boys were never supposed to be real characters (is that an oxymoron?). They were my test characters and their story is one I used to play with theories and ideas for my fictional BDSM world. So even I was surprised when they appeared on the page in Tricking Chase. But once there, I knew they and their club belonged in Devils Pride.

I had a brief, if totally unrealistic idea that they would remain secondary characters in that series, with their club as a staple location in future books. You all quickly disabused me of that notion and with every request for their story, I became more invested in telling it. My goal for their book is early 2017, but that’s not set in stone. Either way, they were the perfect triad for Romance Awareness Month.

– Jessie

August 17, 2016

“Sir?” Clay looked up from his paperwork and smiled at the sight of Tory and Evan poking their heads around his door frame.

“What are you two doing here?” He sat back in his chair and motioned them forward, the scent of surf and coconuts following in their wake.

Dressed in board shorts, tanks, and flip-flops, they looked more suited for the beach than his stuffy office.  Just thinking about them wet and happy made him wonder what the rest of his afternoon schedule looked like. Could he skip out a little earlier for some fun in the sun with the loves of his life?

“We came to rescue you,” Tory declared as came around the desk, hoisted himself on top of it, and spread his legs so they were on either side of Clay’s. When he leaned back on his hands, emphasizing the pull of fabric across his groin, Clay almost laughed. His little masochist was obedient and respectful to a fault, but he was rarely subtle.

Evan slinked forward at a more cautious pace until Clay had a lap full of his more emotional boy. Big brown eyes looked up at him with a hint of pleading beneath the mischief and Clay knew he was sunk. “You’ve been working way too hard, sir.”

Clay knew he worked hard, he’d been doing it for the better part of two decades to make Mathers Financial a success. With offices in New York, Florida, and now California—which is where they were now—it would be easy to think he succeeded, but that didn’t mean he wanted to slow down. He loved his job and thrived under pressure.

They traveled between the three locations constantly —New York & Cali each got a week, then back to Florida for two before starting again. Tory could work anywhere, so he hadn’t been impacted professionally and Evan eagerly jumped at the chance to minimize his time at the club. But, it was also exhausting and Clay was still working ridiculous hours.

They normally had a good balance, one they worked hard to maintain, and his boys understood how important the business was to him. Their encouragement and support meant the world to him, so for them to interrupt his work day meant he wasn’t giving them what they needed in return. That just wasn’t acceptable, not even for the growth of the business he loved.

“What did you two beach bunnies have in mind?” Clay teased as he slipped a hand under Evan’s tank top until he felt the warm skin of his lower back. That he could feel Evan relax against him confirmed his concerns more than anything else could.

With a touch of pink riding his tanned cheeks, Evan pointed out, “It’s going to be a full moon tonight.”

“Ah!” They moved into a condo in Beverly Hills back in April and his boys had been determined to see the full moon, sure it would be different on the west coast. Clay wasn’t sure he agreed, not that he spent a lot of time staring at the moon anywhere, but he was happy to indulge. Especially when they informed him that moon watching included pizza because, of course, the song.

So far their trips had coincided with the lunar phases and it quickly became a tradition which led to a goal of trying all the spots on LA Weekly’s list of top ten pizza places. So far, they hadn’t found anything to beat NY pizza, but he loved that they were trying to find ways to enjoy this part-time California living.

“DeSano’s is on Santa Monica Blvd in East Hollywood and it’s Drag Bingo night at Hamburger Mary’s in WEHO, so we thought, since we have to drive past there anyway…” Tory let the thought trail off as he watched Clay’s hand move beneath Evan’s shirt.

Those blue eyes darkened and Tory squirmed on the desk. The movement pulled the shorts a little tighter and Clay could see the beginnings of erection clearly outlined through the thin fabric. “See something that interests you?”

“Sir.” Tory licked his lips, his gaze flicking up quickly before being drawn down again. “Is that a trick question, Sir? Cause you and Evan always interest me—separate, together, all the time.”

There was no guile in the answer, it wasn’t contrived or said to entice. Tory meant those words wholeheartedly, which made them more powerful. Evan shifted in his lap and Clay saw that his gaze was glued to the growing bulge in Tory’s shorts. After six years, he was still amazed at how quickly they could go from the mundane to the sexual and that made him a damn lucky bastard.

“Sir,” Evan whispered. “Can I taste? Please?”

Knowing it would ramp them up, Clay arranged his expression into stoic lines and asked, “Did you remember to lock the office door?” Both heads nodded fast and he had to bite back a grin. They were equally hot and adorable when they were focused like this. “What’s the rule, Evan?”

“Don’t let him come until you say so, Sir.” Both his boys shivered in response to those words and Clay felt his own balls draw up tight in anticipation. Still, he held his permission, drawing out the moment until Tory whimpered pitifully.

He could say no, let the want and need build throughout the evening, and they would do as they were told. But that wasn’t what he wanted tonight. Clay dipped his head, giving his permission, and Evan immediately leaned forward to bury his face in Tory’s crotch. With a hoarse cry, Tory fell back against the desk and gave himself entirely to Evan’s ministrations.

Clay settled back in his chair, content to watch Evan divest Tory of his shorts and take his cock in hand. At five foot five, Tory was proportionate to his lean frame, but was more than enough to have Evan choking as he tried to swallow him whole. That was a sound that Clay would never get tired of hearing and he reached up to get a grip on Evan’s hair, holding him in place another second before letting him up.

“Oh fu…” Tory put his fist in his mouth in a halfhearted attempt to muffle his cries and desperate blue eyes met his as Clay controlled Evan’s movements.

“That mouth feels good, doesn’t it? Hot, wet, tight…let him feel your teeth, Evan.” Clay continued to taunt until Tory was thrashing and kicking his heels against the desk, then he pulled Evan’s head up until he reluctantly gave up his treat with an audible pop. “Let me feel how good that mouth is.”

He didn’t wait for Evan to flip around, just jerked him back and covered that swollen mouth with his own, taking in the shocked cry and the mingled flavors. Instead of struggling against his hold, Evan went pliant, moving fluidly in Clay’s hold.

“Such a sweet, dirty mouth,” Clay whispered between kisses. “Do you think he deserves more?” Evan blinked up at him and nodded, though Clay was sure that was because he wanted to be allowed to suck Tory to orgasm. “Go on, but remember the rule.”

No matter how many times he said it, it was the one rule Evan consistently had trouble following. Once Evan had either of their cocks in his mouth, he was voracious and the idea of restraint became a foreign concept. Clay figured there were worse things and knew how to hold Evan back if he really wanted to torture Tory.

With a last lingering kiss of gratitude, Evan shifted back to Tory and reclaimed his prize. Clay watched for another moment before curling his fingers around the waistband of Evan’s shorts and tugged them until they fell to his feet. The man had a beautiful ass and Clay got himself two handfuls, squeezing and kneading the firm muscles until he felt Evan’s leg tremble.

Very deliberately, he released both cheeks and reached for the top drawer. Though Evan didn’t stop sucking, he twisted enough to watch and groaned when Clay tossed the bottle of lube on the desk. The sound had Tory’s eyes snapping open and Clay ordered Evan to get Tory ready before he went back to his feast.

Spreading those firm cheeks again, he struck fast, catching Evan off guard when he licked along that smooth cleft. Pushing one foot between Evan’s ankles, he pressed the shorts down until Evan stepped out of them and widened his stance, giving Clay access to everything. Immediately, he took advantage, sliding one hand between those trembling legs to stroke Evan’s cock while he continued to enjoy his feast.

Between them, Evan was vibrating hard and Clay heard Tory warn, “Oh, no, baby, that wasn’t permission to stop sucking.”

Giving Tory some control was another balance they had worked hard to achieve and Evan no longer floundered because one of them was always there to keep him grounded. At least emotionally. Right now, he was a live wire under a triple assault and Clay knew better than expect him to hold out for long. Evan was a bottomless well of need—for their touch, their approval, and their love. Sex, in whatever form it took, was all of that magnified by a million for him and Evan sank into it with such gratitude that self-control was a pipe dream.

Punishing him for it would be cruel and Clay was never that. He knew who his boys were, knew their strengths and their weaknesses, and neither were anyone’s stereotypical idea of a submissive. And that’s just the way he liked them, which is why he stripped open his fly and fished his cock out of his pants before grabbing the lube to slick Evan up for all their pleasure.

There were no words as he stood, pulling Evan up with him, and reached around to drag Tory to the end of the desk. Immediately, Tory lifted his legs and planted his feet on the desk, opening himself up for whatever they would do to him. As Clay guided himself into Evan’s welcoming heat, his boy shuffled forward until Clay heard Tory’s swift intake of breath.

Clay watched Tory take Evan’s length, saw the moment of discomfort pass, and snapped his hips forward until they were both balls deep. Evan stuttered out a groan when Clay pulled them both back, then slammed them forward and Tory slapped both hands over his mouth in an attempt to containing his own cries of pleasure.

“Sirs, Sirs, please.” Evan chanted the plea over and over again, the words becoming less coherent when Clay felt Evan clench around him.

“Stroke him fast now, baby,” Clay instructed, determined that they would all find their pleasure together. It didn’t take long after that. A few strokes of Evan’s hand, a couple of more thrusts, and then it was like a chain reaction with Evan lighting the fuse that finished them all.

He fell forward, bracing his hands on the desk so that they were both hanging over Tory and saw their lover gazing up at them in wonder. “See what you started, imp?”

With a slow smile, Tory struggled up from his sprawl until he could grab them both up in a sweaty hug. “That’s amore!”

How could he resist either of them? Clay took that still smiling mouth in a blistering kiss that threatened to get them all started again. Evan giggled softly and twisted his head to nuzzle between them. “I don’t know about you, Sirs, but I could go for that pizza now.”

Clay could only laugh and slowly disentangle them. “At least you have your priorities in the right order.”

There was another chuckle as Evan leaned up for a quick kiss before he walked over to the adjoining bathroom to clean up. Tory was slower to stand, the teasing smile gone and his gaze respectful but direct. “We can’t do this without you, Sir.”

Where Evan needed constant reassurance, Tory rarely did and never had trouble expressing himself. Clay had come to count on that directness. The hard earned balance he was proud of took three of them to maintain, not two, and definitely not Tory picking up his slack.

“You’ll never have to, imp, I promise.” Being the man Tory and Evan loved was a gift to be cherished, and he was grateful that Tory felt secure enough to tell him when he wasn’t.

Tory’s smile was instant, his trust absolute, and Clay knew his most rewarding work was being worthy of that trust.

© 2016 Jessie G Books, Inc. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Jessie G and Jessie G Books, Inc. with the appropriate and specific direction to the original content here at Molly Lolly: Reader, Reviewer, Lover of Words.

Author’s Note
I hope you enjoyed That’s Amore with Clay & his boys in the 9th installment of my #13months13scenes tour. The guys from Sizzling Miami, Devils Pride MC, and The Forgotten Soldier series will be appearing on different blogs throughout 2016 with little slice of life moments like this.

About Jessie:
Like many readers, the dream of being a writer has been with me a long time. After three decades of trying, I’d begun to doubt. Thanks to social media, I followed my favorite authors hoping to glean some words of wisdom as I pounded out half-formed ideas with alarming regularity. Two repetitive themes emerged: To be a great writer you must read a lot and your butt must be in the chair every day like it’s a job. The more you write, the easier it will be to write and the better you will be at writing. I took that advice to heart and write every day. With three series in the works and counting, it’s been amazing to have made this dream my reality.

I am a firm believer in marriage equality, love at first sight, power dynamics and happily ever after. I’m a lover of strong secondary characters and series filled with families, biological or chosen. All are themes you’ll find throughout my books.

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