Molly Reviews: Bell’s Beloved by Hannah Walker (Avanti Chronicles Book 4)

Bellan ‘Bell’ Nimeri loved Niko Dastria with all his heart. Knowing Niko was his lifemate from the moment he set eyes on him was bittersweet. Surrounded by unknown threats, becoming more than friends wasn’t an option. Besides, he didn’t think Niko had the same feelings as he did. What’s more, Niko would need to accept both sides of Bell’s shifter personality, as he and his darintha are a team.

Niko has grown up, preparing to someday take over the role of Chieftain to the Estrivia Clan. His life has been good, surrounded by friends and family, but he’s always longed to find his truemate. Meeting Bell is a dream come true, but coming from different worlds, he’s not sure Bell is willing to change his life to make things work between them.

Faced with war and unseen enemies, Estrivia battles for its very existence. The two men cling to their friendship, emotions growing stronger until neither can deny what they feel. Finally together and with the world trying to tear them from each other’s arms, they face the enemy head on, knowing the only chance they have of finding happiness together is to defeat the ones who would destroy everything they know and keep them apart.

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I’m constantly astounded as I read this series how much each book is interconnected and how things that happened in the past are relevant three books later. Those subtle nuances of how each act affects the rest of the story and the political landscape of Landren as a whole is so wonderfully written. I can only imagine the kinds of notes, outlines, storylines and maps Ms. Walker must have created to write the series. I liked how Dax and Bell’s relationship started quickly in their book since they had been together to a small extent in Ocania and Dax’s story. I like we weren’t forced to wait to see them together since they were already almost there. It wasn’t dragged out or forced unnecessary drama. The story is so full of emotion. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the book. My favorite line in the whole book came from Tate. “I mean, I’ve heard of coming so hard you lose your mind, but coming so hard you lose your markings?” I was dying laughing when I read that!
I love how we get to see more of Bell’s past and more about his heritage. It is amazing to see how his darintha is both part of Bell and  his own individual with his own personality and identity. The way these two distinctive parts are written you can easily see how they are connected yet separate. I was fascinated by the simplicity in Katar’s wants. But at the same time both he and Bell loved Niko wholly and deeply and would do anything for him. Bell is so timid at times when it comes to Niko. He never wants to disappoint or upset Niko. It’s intriguing to see how he’s also fearless and willing to risk life and limb to protect his family and all of Estrivia.
I enjoyed watching Niko grow as a man in this story. He lead a slightly sheltered life until the struggles started in this series. When they start to become personal you can see how he takes the pain and uses it to become a stronger person and someone that works harder for his clan. He overcomes so much in this story you can see how he will be a powerful leader in the stories to come and long after the root cause is ferreted out and destroyed.
I still have so many questions about things going on. I love how each story furthers the overall plot arc and I don’t feel like it’s minimal either. You learn so much more of what’s going on, how more chieftains are reacting and which side others are taking. Yet there’s still this underlying sense that so much more is going on, and, to this reader, is only going to get bigger before it gets better. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series to find out what happens next.
Four and a half

About Hannah:
Hannah Walker is a full-time mum to two gorgeous teenage sons, and shares her home with them and a very supportive husband, who has always encouraged her to follow her dreams.She has always loved books from her childhood years reading alongside her father. She has inherited her father’s love of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. She has combined this with her love of MM romance to write her series Avanti Chronicles. She loves writing about a complex world where the men love and live hard. Welcome to the world of MM Sci-fi.

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