Molly Reviews: Unspeakable by Liberty Lace

Liberty Lace invites you into a world of romance both tantalizing and taboo with a collection of love stories so forbidden, so secretive, so unspeakable, it will leave you breathless.

Unspeakable—Liberty Lace’s first anthology—features the acclaimed taboo romances Entwined, A Cousin To Kiss, The Hush-Hush Crush, Stepbrothers In Chains, Letter To Him, Islands In The Stream and Forbidden Secrets.

Dare to fall in love with taboo romance.

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Wilde City Press || Amazon

This anthology of Ms. Lace’s work is filled with taboo stories that I thoroughly enjoyed. I hadn’t heard of her before now but I will definitely be reading more from her in the future. If you enjoy this type of story then this anthology of her work is definitely one you should pick up and read.
Overall Stars:
Four and a half
This story is actually quite sweet. However you kind of have to check your beliefs at the door for part of it. Tobias and Thomas were very loving and affectionate with each other. You could truly feel their love. The sex was definitely steam but it wasn’t really the point of the story. The ending was a bit of a surprise. Honestly I was really ok with how the story turned out because it made the romance aspect of this taboo tory end so beautifully. I’m a total sucker for a happy ending too so that shouldn’t be a shock to anyone.
Four and a half
A Cousin To Kiss
This was short and definitely not what I expected. The backstory was interesting and I liked getting to see how Luke and Cal spent their youths. I thought it would be longer considering the set up in the beginning. But the ending was kind of sweet and lets you decide how much you want to read into it.
The Hush Hush Crush
The twins in this story were so dang sexy. Scott was fighting the attraction while Sawyer kept dropping hints. I wasn’t sure if they’d get together. But when they did it was smoking hot and endearingly sweet at the same time. With the way the story ended I do wonder about their future a little bit. But I liked they finally could admit their love for each other.
Stepbrothers In Chains
I really liked this story. The premise is really fascinating. The emotions between Brady and Dane were so well written. That push and pull they felt on whether they could be together or not was so well developed. I liked how the story went back to some of the important parts of their past. It showed how Brady and Dane got close and their love developed. I really enjoyed the Gentleman’s Parlor aspect of the story. It created a really sexy dynamic that I wanted explored more. I’d gladly read more stories set in the house of pleasure. I also want to know more about Dr. Darius. He is perfect for his own story.
Four and a half
Letter To Him
This was a really well done story. I liked the letter format to the story. It was like a sneak peek into the life and love of these two brothers. I enjoyed the hopeful tones to the letter and how the brother writing hopes for a beautiful future. He reflects on the past and how they got to where they are now in their relationship. However now I want to know what happened after the events mentioned in the letter!
Four and a half
Islands In The Stream
This story wound up being different than I originally thought it would be. However it was a pleasant surprise because it wound up being one of my favorite stories in the anthology. The way Daniel figured out his feelings for Nick and the truth behind the past. I loved how Daniel changes his way of thinking about his job and the right thing to do. The ending is so perfect as well. Shows they’re going to spend their lives together happily.
Four and a half
Forbidden Secrets
This story was really good. I liked how the twins didn’t start out in love with each other but they both wanted to be closer than they were. Thad and Tristan were really well written. We get more from Tristan than Thad, however you can tell some of Thad’s story through Tristan. I’m curious about what will happen next for these two. It ends on a point where you need to read the next in the series to find out more. But it’s a definite happy for now for these two.

About Liberty:
The Temptress of Taboo Romance, Liberty Lace invites you into a world of explicit man-on-man erotica, where forbidden fruit hangs from every tree… where secrets run through every bloodline… and where desires so delicious can be tasted with every bite you take.

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