Molly Reviews: Not All Angels Have Wings by NL Hartmann

Jaded and wary, ballet star Alessandro Woodman has been sleepwalking through life since his lover left him with an empty apartment and a broken heart. One night, Sandro accompanies his best friend to an art gallery where he finds a spectacular painting for one of his bare walls and a strange young man who he cannot get out of his mind.

For his part, shy artist Greg Klein arrives in the city fresh from the Midwest and lands a one-man gallery show even before he begins art school. The two miss one another that first fateful evening, but a twist of fate gives them another chance.

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Ok this story is sort of a romance but at the same time not one at all. There’s also about half of a book I can’t really mention much about because I really don’t want to spoil it. The first half of the book was lovely. I loved watching Alessandro and Greg fall for each other. They were exactly what the other needed at that point in their lives. Their love for each other was so palpable. It did skim some of the important parts of the relationship; however it worked really well. I was cheering for these two to make it long term and have a lovely life together. Then the plot twist I absolutely did not see coming. I pretty much yelled out loud “Wait, WHAT?!” To which my child was concerned for my mental state and took some fancy explaining that I am actually alright despite appearances. I thought the second half of the book was going to wind up completely different based n the plot twist. But the story took a sharp turn after that halfway point plot twist and it didn’t really work as much as I had hoped. A huge chunk of time is completely skipped. And based on that twist it’s kind of the most important part of time. Then there’s another curveball that takes this story somewhere else entirely and I wasn’t really a fan of where it went. The ending is one that I can force myself to see a happy ending where love truly conquers everything and is this great magical power. But it really doesn’t work that well. I am truly forcing the story into that mold; it’s not truly that kind of ending. It is actually quite heartbreaking and makes me sad.
Three and a half

About NL:
At the age of eleven, NL Hartmann turned a school assignment into an epic story of creation. The central character was Ernie Erectus (Homo Erectus to you). The teacher was horrified. After that, there was no turning back. Later writing credits include everything from advertising to TV and radio scripts, toy packaging, even fortune cookies. And the occasional review on Amazon. In 2013, NL ran smack into the world of M/M romance and found Ernie was already there waiting and ready to go.

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