Molly Reviews and Giveaway: Left of Centre by Zathyn Priest

When self-confessed player Brand Faulkner arranges to meet three different Goth guys over the course of one weekend, he isn’t expecting to meet someone like ‘Enigma’. Enigma isn’t like anyone Brandon’s met before. He’s unpredictable, volatile and… well, downright weird! To make matters worse, the gorgeous Enigma isn’t at all impressed with Brandon and is unafraid to crush the man’s ego at every opportunity. For the first time in his life, Brandon has to work hard to win the guy. Will Brandon agree to Enigma’s left of center, bizarre requests, or is the player about to get played?

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This short story turned out to be so much more than I expected. This is my first story by Zathyn Priest and I will be reading many more. There was so much emotion and character growth I forgot it was a short story. This is a wonderful example of a short story that doesn’t leave me feeling like half the story is missing.
At first I didn’t really like Brandon. However that’s intentional since it turns out Brandon doesn’t really like himself either. He seemed shallow and narcissistic. But he has this undeveloped side that cares for the people around him. I loved when Lewis smacks him with reality, both figuratively and literally with a copy of Wuthering Heights. It was wonderful watching Brandon figure out who he wants to be and how to become that person. The epilogue was so sweet. A perfect ending for this short story.
Lewis was such a unique character. He was a little quirky at first and was so endearing. I kind of wanted to know more about him. That quirkiness evolves as you read the story. I was a little shocked by the revelation from Tarin but it also made sense once Brandon thought everything through. However I adored how Lewis brought Tarin out and got Tarin to be true to herself.
Except now I want Wayne and Tarin to have a story. But mostly I want to see more of Brandon and Tarin because I enjoyed them so much.
Four and a half

About Zathyn:
Zathyn Priest is a mix of androgynous Goth, Boho, Punk, Glam-Rock with the soul of a Flower-Power Hippie, and his books are just as eclectic.  He lives in Adelaide, South Australia, with two adopted greyhounds, a cat, and a duck.  Zathyn is also a makeup artist, digital/3D artist, cover artist, photographer, and owns Scarlet Tie Designs.

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