Molly Reviews: Shift the Darkness by Selina Rose Fugate (The Deep Hollows Book 1)

Deep in the mountains of Perry County, Kentucky, a troubled young woman enters a new life of magic and danger.

Wren is fresh out of high school, and her life is a mess. Her mother is dying, her aunt couldn’t be more overbearing, and her moods are wildly unpredictable. On a mission to self-destruct, she’s driving her aunt crazy with drinking and broken curfews.

But Wren isn’t just acting out—something inside her is changing. After being attacked by a red-eyed man and being rescued by a beast that transforms into a gorgeous boy before her eyes, Wren discovers that she’s a shifter, able to take the form of any animal she makes contact with.

Complicating matters, Wren finds out she is a special kind of shifter—a tracker—and a powerful vampire needs her help to find the rogues of his clan who are planning to destroy the town, and everyone in it. In return for her help, she’s promised the one thing she wants the most—her mother to be cured.

Wren will have to choose between the safety of a familiar embrace and the fiery touch of the boy who makes her question everything she thought she knew. In order to survive the trials ahead, she’ll have to open her heart, and find the strength of the woman she’s destined to become.

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I really enjoyed the overall story arc of this book. It was interesting and had some elements that I haven’t seen often in a paranormal story. I was pulled into this world where shifters don’t get along with any paranormal creature. They’re like the police of that society. It was completely fascinating and made me want to know what happens and how that affects the plot.
However, Wren made me want to scream. She was self centered, whiney and a complete petulant child. It was hard to keep going because 99% of the book is from her first person point of view. Yes it’s a YA and you have to expect a certain level of immaturity due to the age of the characters. But this went way beyond and created a character I truly didn’t care if she lived at the end of the story.
The other problem I had with the story is more of a personal dislike of mine that I know others enjoy. There’s a Twilight-esque romance triangle going on. Wren has two guys she clearly has pseudo feelings for and at the end of the book it could go either way and you have to read the next in the series to see which she chooses. I can’t really stand this trope though others do. I want the character to either just go ahead and pick one or start a menage already. This waffling about hurts people’s feelings and frustrates me more than makes me want to read more.

About Selina:
Selina lives in the gorgeous mountains of Perry County, Kentucky with her two children and a devious cat. When she’s not outside playing with her kiddos, or looking for fairies under flower petals, she’s dreaming up tales that will hopefully make those that read them smile.

Author Contact:
You can take a look at Selina’s Website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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