Molly Reviews: Shelter From the Storm by Layla Wolfe (The Bare Bones MC Book 6)

A hitman on the run from his past.
A chemist with no past.

Their faith will be tested in incredible ways.

Alpha bad boy Fox Isherwood has crafted a new life for himself as a cartel hitman. To prove his loyalty, he is sent on the most impossible mission of all—to murder an innocent woman.

Pippa Lofting isn’t her real name. As a federally protected witness, she is a non-person, unable to contact any of her loved ones. She can’t send a text or even visit her dog. She’s created a new existence in Pure and Easy, Arizona, home of The Bare Bones MC. Caught up in the whirlwind thrill of their gritty, fast-paced life, Pippa believes she might be ready to love again when buff, inked ginger Fox appears in town. He is stunning, a macho man for all seasons, and he brings out the best in her—as far as she remembers.

But passion is the last thing on Fox’s mind. The Bare Bones has ordered him to investigate a rival pot plantation, find out why they’re sending spies. When a hitman starts tracking Fox, the heat is on. Will Fox become the hunter or the hunted? And Pippa’s going to need everything he’s willing to give, because she needs…

Publisher’s Note: This is Book #6 in the Bare Bones MC series. This book is a stand-alone and can be read out of order, but the series is best read in order to gain the full experience. This is not your mother’s contemporary romance. Daring readers will encounter violence, gun play, garden variety BDSM, and a HEA. It is not for the faint of heart. It’s a full length novel of 60,000 words with no cliffhanger. Recommended 18+ due to mature content and possible triggers.

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My favorite part about reading the Bare Bones series by Ms. Wolfe is getting a whole story that I don’t have to read the previous books to enjoy, yet at the same time seeing couples I loved and connected with in the previous books because I did read them. It’s like the best of both worlds. Her books are always a wild and fun ride that I can’t help being enthralled by and not want to stop reading. Shelter From the Storm is that way and I pretty much powered through the book and couldn’t put it down.
I really liked Fox. He’s tough as nails and completely badass. Yet, he’s caring and has a soft heart that makes you swoon when he shows that side of himself. I love that he can take care of himself and his woman by doing what’s necessary to protect everyone. That code of honor fits in so well with the Bare Bones crowd and the men that are already living in Pure and Easy. His internal struggle deciding what to do about his feelings and his orders, and figuring out what the right thing is was so well written. You could feel that struggle yourself as you’re reading.
My biggest problem with this book, and it’s definitely not normal for my enjoyment of Ms. Wolfe’s stories, was how I just couldn’t connect with Pippa. It started out really good where I wanted to know her past and how she was going to handle Fox showing up in her life. But she kept making poor choice after poor choice. To the point I really thought she would have gotten killed in any other situation. I wanted there to be more consequences for her actions.
I pretty much shouted out loud in excitement when Wolf, Tracy and Tobias were on page. I’m not going to spoil it because that tension has been going forever and I loved every minute of it. It gets resolved some in this story and man is it good! I kind of still want the three of them to have their own books though. I want to see how they make a happily ever after work and everyone happy with who chose whom. Because we all know how much I love my happy endings and this series.

About Layla:
Bestselling author Layla Wolfe likes to bring you alpha males–sometimes two at a time–and the kick-ass women who love them. Her BARE BONES MC series explores the dark, disturbing life of the biker club in Arizona. Her spinoff series THE BENT ZEALOTS MC is a gritty MM saga. She is currently at work on THE ASSASSINS OF YOUTH MC, a spinoff set in Utah.

Author Contact:
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