Molly Reviews: Falling Through Glass by Barbara Sheridan

Emmi Maeda comes into possession of an antique and plunges through time—into feudal Japan and the world of samurai.

Los Angles, present day

Emiko ‘Emmi’ Maeda set aside her studies following the sudden death of her father. Estranged from her mother and brother and burdened with guilt over her role in the tragic accident, she moves in with her godfather Jake and comes into possession of an antique mirror. While accompanying Jake to Japan on a film shoot, Emmi is caught in a freak storm and plunged through time—into the land of her ancestors.

Kyoto, 1864

The city of Kyoto is ablaze with violence and on the brink of civil war. Nakagawa Kaemon is a young samurai with a secret. He gathers information on those who claim to revere the emperor but harbor their own agenda to control the country. Kae is honor-bound to execute anyone who poses a threat to the throne—even if it is Emmi, the unusual young woman he has come to love.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence.

Publisher’s Note: This book has previously been published elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Totally Bound Publishing.

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This story was amazing! I loved the way Ms. Sheridan wove the past and present together while maintaining the integrity of historical fact. I loved being immersed into life in Kyoto right before the end of the last shogunate and the start of the rebellion that started the modern era of Japan. Beyond the fact that it’s not a period and location that I’ve seen often in romance, you truly get the feel you’re there with these characters.
Emiko was amazing! The way her background and family upbringing allowed her to dovetail into life briefly in Kyoto in the past was so well developed. Her emotions were so well written you could feel her struggle to change her thinking based on expectations of the time and her growing feelings for Kaemon. I hurt for her when she was feeling lost and alone in a strange time and place.
Nakagawa Kaemon was fascinating. He’s a decidedly fictional character with a real family tree. He fit into the real history of these men and time period as if he truly existed. He was so deep I loved reading his internal struggle to be with the woman he was quickly growing to love and do the duties expected of him as a samurai, and son to the Imperial Prince.
This book is so well written. The emotions leap off the page and the characters feel so real. I loved it so much. The only thing keeping it from being a five star book was the ending. I’m not going to spoil it for everyone since the “what will happen to them” question is a huge aspect of the tension throughout the story. But I will say I liked the ending but needed at least one more chapter or an epilogue. I wanted to see how that final scene worked long term.
Four and a half

About Barbara:
Award winning novelist Barbara Sheridan grew up a fan of historical novels, TV westerns and all things paranormal. She also acquired a fondness for J-rock, samurai films and all things royalty related. Coupled with her love of character driven books, film and TV, all these things have come together to shape her writing interests. Barbara lives in Western Pennsylvania and loves hearing from readers and “meeting” them via social media.

Author Contact:
You can take a look at Barbara’s Website and follow her on Twitter.


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