Molly Reviews: Slash OP by J. Johanis (Toy Soldier Book 2)

The White House has ordered the execution of a highly sensitive covert operation in dragon-occupied territory. Though a Slash Op has a zero percent survival rate, the commanding general is forced to enlist his most prized officer for the task.

Major Gideon is embarking on his first mission in the dragon district. Yet Gideon has hardly recovered from all that Drago made him endure. For the past three months, Gideon has been plagued with dreams of dragons terrorizing him, but his dreams have gradually turned into sexual fantasies. Despite coming to terms with his longing to have Drago in bed, Gideon cannot suppress his desire to beat Drago’s face in. When Gideon is called for a mission in the most dangerous district on Earth, what freaks him out the most is the prospect of seeing Drago again.

Content Advisory: Graphic violence, dragon sex, & non-con.

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This was a great sequel to Drago Star. I really enjoyed getting into Drago’s head a bit more this time around. However he doesn’t give away any of the secrets that are revealed throughout the story. I really liked how the backstory and world was expanded in this book. The world Ms. Johanis built is really interesting and I hope we get to see more of it in the next book.
I was surprised by some of the events in the story. However they were explained by the end and I was awed by how well the deception and double talk happened and I didn’t even realize it until the reveal at the end. Gideon is shaping up to be a very deep character. I love how his desires are brought out and he slowly loses his fear of showing them. I’m hoping by the third book he can embrace his wants and needs and let go with Drago.
There wasn’t as much that happened to Gideon this time around that was completely over the top sexy. However the scene with the pie filling was my favorite. I really liked how even in this dark and sexy story Ms. Johanis still gave me a sweet happy for now ending with wonderful emotions. I loved the sneak peek at the third book in the series and I can’t wait for it to come out.

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J. Johanis writes m/m dark erotic and enjoys plots that myth-based or futuristic.

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