Molly Reviews: Finding Julien by Genevieve Wolfe (Love In Secret Book 1)

Julien, the youngest son of a British aristocrat and barely twenty-one years old, enrolls in college in Boston. He hopes to find freedom to be himself and some peace from his oppressive, anti-gay family. Maybe having the Atlantic Ocean between them will let him relax.

Darius is a student by day and a bartender at his uncle’s club by night. He’s perfectly happy focusing on work and school because there’s less of a chance to be hurt if you don’t let people in.

When the two meet, the attraction is instant, but will Julien’s family and Darius’ insecurity threaten it all?

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I wanted to like this book better than I did. It’s a decent first book by Ms. Wolfe. Sadly the characters came off a bit flat and their actions forced or lacked sense. I really wanted to connect with Julien and Darius. But they didn’t really resonate with me. Darius went back and forth with his personality. Jules came across stiff with his speech and overly emotional at random times.
The storyline with the fathers was dragged out too long. It was hinted and alluded to for a large portion of the story and quite obvious where that was going. They should have just talked about it instead of letting it go on and on. It got a little confusing with both Julien’s dad and brother named Stephen, though it does make sense from a nobility point of view.
The ending, while sweet, was entirely too easy. Everything got wrapped up and everyone was happy. It was a little unrealistic to expect everyone and everything to get better that fast.
While this story may have not been my favorite, I definitely hope Ms. Wolfe continues to write. She’s got major potential and I’ll be keeping an eye on her future releases. She’s an author to watch for.

About Genevieve:
My name is Genevieve, and I am the author of the upcoming novel, Hush. I have been puttering around with writing for years, but finally took the plunge and wrote my first book in the Secrets series. I live in Northern California with my boyfriend and write when I am not slaving away at my day job!

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