Guest Post and Giveaway: Hiding in Plain Sight

What happens when happily ever after ends in heartbreak?

After surviving a harrowing ordeal in Las Vegas, Javi Campos and Adam Brand seemed destined for a lifetime of love. However, life and insecurities got in the way, and Javi left, nearly destroying Adam in the process.

They’ve spent ten years apart, but circumstances bring them together again. Now a personal escort, Javi is terrified when his companion for the evening is killed in the bed they shared. As the obvious suspect, he turns to the only man in Portland he knows he can trust…his former lover, Adam.

Adam is shocked to hear from Javi, but he believes in him and agrees to help. The investigation takes them into the backstabbing world of Big Pharma as well as the religious homophobic culture of Russian Old Believers. While attempting to find the real killer, Adam and Javi have no choice but to deal with their lingering feelings for each other.

The situation might be the catalyst they need to finally find their long-awaited happily ever after. But first they have to solve the case before either one of them becomes the next victim.

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Guest Post:
Ethan stops by to talk about one of Adam’s passions. I’m a huge fan of Adam’s passion as well so I’m a fan of his list of top ten. Read and enjoy!
Hi everyone, Ethan Stone here! Welcome to day two of my blog tour to celebrate the release of Hiding in Sight, part of Pride Publishing’s What’s His Passion? imprint. Adam’s passion is comic books and he runs his own comic book company, so here I’m presenting my ten favorite comic book heroes.

1-Nightwing: For those who don’t follow comics, Nightwing is Dick Grayson, the former Robin of Batman and Robin. I loved reading about his journey from kid hero to adult hero and his transformation to Nightwing showed that better than anything. I’ve loved reading the former boy wonder grow into a mighty man wonder.

Check out this awesome image of Nightwing.

2-Aquaman (With Armor): I’m not talking about the old Super Friends character who hardly ever did more than call his “finny friends” for help. I’m talking about the badass man with armor and a chip on his shoulder. Aquaman’s had many costumes over the years but my favorite is the one with silver armor and a hook for a hand. I can’t wait for the Jason Mamoa version in the Justice League movie.

See what Aquaman looks like here.

3-Cyclops: Most fans of X-Men tend to go for Wolverine as their favorite character. I see Wolverine as the type of guy you date and have fun with but he’s not the marrying kind. Cyclops, however, is the man you take home to mom. He’s loyal and dependable. Throughout the comics he’s been in love with Jean Grey. Hell, when he thought she was dead (the first time) he married and knocked up her clone!

4-Jericho: Joseph Wilson aka Jericho is not a character even a lot of comic book fans will know about. He existed mainly with the pages of the Teen Titans books in the eighties and nineties. He had the cool ability to possess a person’s body by looking them in the eyes. I loved him not only because of his powers but also because of the fact that he was mute. One of the very few characters with such a disability and for most of his run he stayed mute. His look was a little odd, especially the mutton chops, but I loved the blue and purple costume.

5-Arsenal/Red Arrow: Another former sidekick who went through a ton of shit and came through a stronger man. He was originally Speedy, the ward of Green Arrow. Speedy was always a stupid name so he eventually became Arsenal and then Red Arrow and then Arsenal again. Yikes, talk about a personality crisis.

6-Speedball: Another character non-comic fans wouldn’t recognize. He had what I thought was a cool, though not particularly useful, ability. He bounced around like a bouncy ball. His first appearances weren’t so cool but he was eventually made into a hero in the pages of The New Warriors. Check out this image of him.

7-Captain Carrot: Yes, his name was indeed Captain Carrot and he led a team called the Amazing Zoo Crew. These adventures weren’t particularly exciting but they were a blast. Who could resist names like Rubber Duck, Alley-Kat-Abra and Pig Iron? See the fantastic Captain Carrot here.

8-Midnighter: Not one of the first gay heroes or even one of the most prominent, but I love the fact that the writers don’t tone down his attitude just because he’s homosexual. He’s still as violent as ever and loves killing.

9-Angel/Archangel: He’s a character I didn’t originally love as much as I came to. It was his challenges that made him interesting. He had his wings torn off and replaced with metal ones, fought his way back from evil and is still a strong character. I’m looking forward to his appearance in the next X-Men movie.

10-Iceman: I fell in love with the version of Iceman who was on the old cartoon show Spider-man and his Amazing Friends. I used to wish I could create the ice slides to get around like Iceman did in the show. The comic book and movie versions are rather cool as well. By the way, the cartoon is available on Netflix if you want to check them out.

The following excerpt takes place during Adam and Javi’s return to each other, though it hasn’t happened yet. It’s a playful scene and contains some smack talk concerning water-based super-heroes Aquaman and Namor.

I was in the center of the pool so I stepped to the side so he could swim by, but instead, Javi darted my way and yanked my legs out from under me before I could take a breath.

A moment later I came up, sputtering and spitting water.

“Oh my God, Adam, are you okay?” he asked with obvious concern. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was trying to be Namor.”

I held up a single finger, asking him to wait, then quickly pushed down on his shoulders. Underwater, he reached for me but I raced away.

“That was tricky,” he said when he emerged. “You’re going to pay for that. Prince Namor will get you.”

Namor was Marvel Comics’ underwater hero. He was moody and an asshole most of the time, and nowhere near one of my favorite characters.

“Really? You want to be him? He’s so lame.”

“He’s more badass then Aquaman. All he does is talk to sea creatures and ride starfish.”

“You’re talking about the Superfriends Aquaman and it was seahorses he rode, not starfish. And the modern version is so much cooler. True badass.”

“I’ll still kick your butt.”

“Bring it on, Campos. I ain’t afraid of you.”

We dove at the same time, swam toward each other. I grabbed his arm and spun him around, attempting a snatch at his legs. His kicking pushed me backward and before I could recover, he wrapped his hands around my waist.

Still holding me, he stood and kept me aloft so I couldn’t get a footing. His crotch rubbed against my ass—he was as hard as I was. He obviously didn’t care, so I wondered why I had. There wasn’t a doubt that he turned me on, it’s not like I could deny that. It was what I would do about it that mattered—and nothing was going to happen in a sexual way.

I broke his grip, ducked under, swam between his legs, and took him with me. Holding our breath, we wrestled and tickled each other until the only way I could get away was to grab his briefs.

About Ethan:
Ethan Stone has recently returned to Oregon and is working on re-growing his web feet. He has been obsessed with two things in his life: books and all things gay. After spending years trying to ignore the voices in his head, he finally decided to sit down and listen to them.

What he discovered was a perfect union of his two obsessions. Ethan used to have a day job that paid the bills. He wore a uniform to work and he looked damn sexy in it. Now he gets to wear sweatpants and watch movies all day.

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