Mary Reviews: By My Side by Jennifer Wright

Noah has suppressed his urges for other men for years, but when a sexy bartender comes crashing into his life, all bets are off.

Due to his career as a lawyer and his father’s strict ways, Noah has always ignored the side of him that craves the touch of another man, not wanting to upset the calm waters of his life. But when he’s out one night celebrating his friend’s first win in a courtroom, Noah is taken aback by the raw lust that consumes him when he meets Shea. He wants to ignore what he feels for the man, but when Shea introduces a tantalizing side of sex that Noah has been dreaming of, he finds it impossible to keep Shea out of his life.

Shea’s been heartbroken before by a man who wouldn’t come out of the closet for him, and he doesn’t think he can go through that again. Can Noah let go of his fears of coming out to the world? Will the pleasures Shea gives him in the bedroom have Noah seeing what really matters in the long run?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of light BDSM.

Where To Buy:
Pride Publishing || ARe || Amazon

This is a short story that is, in the words of Goldilocks “juuuuuuuuusst right”. Not too big, not too small, not too angsty, not too trite. I don’t get to say this too much because I usually want more (or only occasionally wish it was less), but the story was perfect just the way it was. There is angst, of course. There is when one MC is in the closet because of a traumatic incident in his youth and one never wants to be a dirty little secret again, you have the very definition of a stalemate guaranteed to be full of drama and introspection. Jennifer Wright has given us in essence the story of the start of a relationship, so a definitive HFN.

These two are matched perfectly for not only their sexual and physical preferences but also for their growth. In order to have that HFN they must work through their hang-ups and their baggage and trust enough to truly give it a go. Both Noah and Shea are likeable and attractive characters and you do find a connection with them however brief it may be. The story runs smoothly, the writing is easy to read and the BDSM elements in it are, for the most part well researched and homogeneous to a safe sane and consensual relationship, and the sex is hot… *waggles eyebrows*

I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I need a short story to break up the book tension and maybe slip from one genre, or even sub genre to another and this is great for that. Have a bit of a run with Noah and Shea you will not be disappointed.

About Jennifer:
Hey everyone, I’m Jen and I’m an author of M/M erotic romance. I love M/M romance, both reading and writing it—seriously, what’s better than a sexy man… Two sexy men! You can’t go wrong there. Though I do dabble in a little bit of M/F romance, my main passion will always be smutting it up with men, men and more men. I try to dedicate as much of my free time to writing as I can—ha! What free time?—but if I’m not typing away on my laptop, you’ll find me with my nose buried in a book, or with my loving fiancé debating on what movie to watch and the never-ending back and forth decision of what to have for dinner. I love spending time with my family and fiancé, cuddling with my dog and two cats, and laughing as much as possible—’cause I like to think I’m funny!

Some little tidbits about me are—I love animals of all sorts, I have a really big sweet-tooth, and I’ve been told I like to talk with my hands (insert hand gestures here).

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