Molly Reviews: Evolution by Lissa Kasey (Evolution Book 1)

Gene Sage has only ever wanted to sing, but his band, Evolution, is pushing him toward the big time. He finds it hard to focus on making musical history when he’s dreaming of graveyards and seeing ghosts. And while all he can think of is hiding who he is from a world unforgiving of anyone different, he discovers he’s also the ultimate snack for vampires and demons. When Gene literally runs into—over—his idol, Kerstrande Petterson, rock god, vampire in hiding, and music cynic, his life falls over the edge into chaos.

Jaded by the world and nearly a decade in the music business, Kerstrande thinks Gene wants to use him to make Evolution immortal in more than one way, but he can’t seem to brush aside the young singer’s enthusiasm.

Getting involved with Kerstrande drags Gene into otherworldly power struggles. Between the ghosts stalking them, the media painting supernaturals as villains, and a vampire out of control in the city, the only way for Gene and Kerstrande to survive is for Gene to embrace his powers—and his destiny.

First Edition published by Harmony Ink Press, May 2013.

This book was so good! It’s also clearly meant to be read with the sequel. So I suggest picking up both and reading them back to back. I loved seeing how Genesis grew over the course of the book. Seeing how he was different but didn’t fully understand until later what it all meant. Kerstrande was a bit of an enigma in the story. You couldn’t tell if he really liked Genesis or just tolerated him. It was sweet seeing his feelings bloom and show in some strange, yet endearing ways. Like the shoes. That was my favorite part.
The world Lissa created was so fascinating. I loved the characters and want to see more of them. I liked when Genesis finally stood up for himself to Rob. Joel is sweet and I can’t wait to see what happens with him. I loved the scene where Genesis stand up to Hane.
Genesis grows so much in this story, it’s hard to remember he’s not even 18 yet. Though he is close to his birthday. He acts much older in the book most of the time. He has a few moments to act his age, but not as many as you’d expect.

About Lissa:
Lissa Kasey lives in St. Paul, MN, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing, and collects Asian Ball Joint Dolls who look like her characters. She has three cats who enjoy waking her up an hour before her alarm every morning and sitting on her lap to help her write. She can often be found at Anime Conventions masquerading as random characters when she’s not writing about boy romance.

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