Review: Dominique by Nicole Colville (A Knights to Remember Standalone)

What does it cost to sell yourself? Your body? Your heart? Your soul?

At eighteen, with no job, no money, and a young sister to care for, becoming an escort seemed the perfect answer, but by the age of twenty four, Dominque is left wondering how he can break free of his ‘short term’ solution.

Jacob is at the top of his profession, leaving him with no time or desire for a relationship. Caring for another person full time isn’t on his agenda, but that soon changes when fate steps in and offers him the chance of something more.

Unable to forget the intriguing brunette after their first date, Jacob is enticed to spend more time with Dominque, seeking to put the pain of the past behind them, and bring peace to the wounded bird who captivated him so easily, but the fear in Dominque keeps them separated. Only through gaining his trust can Jacob hope to set him free.

It’s not just the clients who pay

*Dominque is a standalone book included in the Knights to Remember series and can be read at any point*


This story was wonderful. I loved Dominique and Jacob. Apart they’re both slightly broken but in vastly different ways. They meet in one of those comedy-of-reasons fate-is-real kind of ways. Watching them get to know each other and overcome an astounding amount of obstacles was so sweet. I kept cheering for them all through the story. It was wonderful how they got to go away to connect, even if the timing wasn’t ideal. But if that hadn’t happened they wouldn’t have made it work. It was what got them over most of their doubts.
The scene where Jacob tells Dominique he loves him for the first time is so hot but also so emotional. I loved seeing how they take their power dynamic and keep the emotion involved as well. The scene after in the bath where Dominique and Jacob discusses their limits is amazing. I absolutely love that they want to do some of the more edgier play. Not enough books go there. There are a few scenes where they get close to edge play, but it’s not the sole purpose of those scenes. They still talk about it and plan to do more in the future.
Jacob’s family is so much fun. They were wonderful support for both Jacob and Dominique and welcomed Dominique with open arms, which is exactly what he needed. They were so amazingly well written. Even if they weren’t main characters you got to know them and their struggles in this story. Jacob’s mum is a total riot! She is my favorite family member by far. Krane was another wonderful character that I connected with in the book. I desperately need his story. I need it and I need it now! Well, now-ish if that’s ok.
I was so happy when the story kept going after they both said ‘I love you’ and said they’d make their relationship work no matter what. It would have been an ok ending but you wouldn’t get to see how Dominique’s sister was as she handled the change. You wouldn’t have gotten to see how Dominique and Jacob would overcome those small details moving brings up. And of course the other things that happens at the exact same time either. Getting to see all that makes the story so much more. The full and complete happy ending where you can feel their love and devotion and you can know for a fact they’d be together through anything thrown in their way. Absolutely love it.
Four and a half


About Nicole:
Nicole Colville was born and currently lives in Leeds, England. She is a wife and mother of two young girls who somehow manages to fit in being a full time author of m/m romance and erotica. She loves writing complex characters in bittersweet romances which will leave you addicted and craving more from her men.

Although best known for her popular series, Hidden and Knights to Remember, she also enjoys writing with friend, and fellow author, E.M Leya. Together they have published two books in their Sinful Temptation Collection with more planned.

Her new menage collection based in the popular city of Manchester, England is her first solo full length novel outside of The Hidden Series and has three books planned for release in 2015 & 2016.

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